When Russia invaded Ukraine, the Nord Stream project ended in the United States

US President Joe Biden has warned Russia that the Nord Stream gas pipeline project would be scrapped if it invaded Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the Nord Stream project ended in the United States
When Russia invaded Ukraine, the Nord Stream project ended in the United States

According to Reuters, Joe Biden expressed solidarity with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz because Western allies do not want war in Europe.

Speaking at a press conference at the White House with Germany's new leader and chancellor Olaf Schulz, Biden said troops would be shut down as soon as they entered Ukraine.

Biden has long been opposed to a decade-old gas pipeline project.

Biden added that if Russia invaded, the Nord Stream 2 would no longer be important. We will end it.

When asked how the project would be brought under German control, Biden said, "I promise we can do that."

Scholes said the United States and Germany share a common position on Ukraine's issues, Russia and sanctions, but did not mention the Nord Stream project directly during the one-day visit.

At the moment, the question of whether the United States and Germany are on the same page on the 11 11 billion project is becoming increasingly important as these two major democracies are leading a NATO alliance to push back Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia has deployed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border and has denied any involvement in the attack, with US officials saying Russia could launch an attack in a matter of days.

Scholes is facing severe criticism at home and abroad and is seen as a leader who is incapable of resolving the crisis.

He told reporters that if Russia invaded Ukraine, it would have to pay a heavy price, a position both the United States and Germany have taken.

"We will stay together, we will respond together and we will take all necessary steps," he said in English.

Even before the pipeline was launched, Germany met about half of Russia's gas needs. It has postponed approval of Nord Stream 2 until the second half of 2022, but has refused to end the project altogether.

What is the Nord Stream project?

It is a gas pipeline project through which Russian gas reaches Germany directly. Germany has been using coal and nuclear energy for energy but is now meeting more than half of its demand with environmentally friendly gas.

Thanks to this project, gas reaches Germany directly through this pipeline passing through the Baltic Sea, 55 billion cubic meters of gas reaches Germany annually through Nord Stream.

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