Vaccine protests continue in Canada, want to return to life

In Canada, thousands of people, including Toronto, the country's economic hub, are protesting against the mandatory corona vaccination.

Vaccine protests continue in Canada, want to return to life

According to Reuters, the protests, which began on Saturday in the capital, Ottawa, were largely peaceful but full of noise.

The "Conway Freedom" movement started against the need for vaccinations for truck drivers on both sides of the border, but later turned against health measures and the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"We are all fed up with orders and threats that have limited our lives to one big prison," said Robert, who did not want to be named.

"We want to return to normal life without injecting this poison, which is called vaccine, into our veins," he added.

Protesters blocked Ottawa for eight days, some carrying Nazi flags and others saying they wanted to overthrow the Canadian government.

Transport Minister Omar al-Ghabra says protesters in Ottawa have made their case, and have been heard across the country.

He urged the protesters to go home and talk to the elected officials.

Ottawa police say four people have been charged with inciting hatred, while the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating those who threatened high-profile individuals.

Police say about protests that it was funded by Americans with protesters with protesters. Demonstrators also carried warmth equipment to deal with the extremely cold weather.

Various videos of the protesters are also circulating on social media at the moment, one of whom is carrying a Trump flag. Former United States President Donald Trump has criticized the Trudeau government for making vaccination compulsory for truck drivers, saying "Prime Minister Trudeau has destroyed Canada with strange actions regarding Corona."

GoFundMe removed the donation page created by Freedom Conway on Friday. The website stated that the platform's rules and regulations were violated due to illegal activity.

Police say that about 5000 people demonstrated in Ottawa, while hundreds of people gathered in Toronto, which is the largest city of Canada. According to police, four people were injured when a truck rammed into a crowd in Manitoba.

Reuters quoted an eyewitness as saying that 500 health workers in Toronto rallied against the convoy of trucks.

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