Tesla Recall Has Self-Driving Features In thecapitaldebates

Tonight tesla recalling tens of thousands of cars for safety issues US regulators posting that the electric car maker's rolling stop function in full. Self-driving mode may cause cars to run stop signs at up to 5.6 miles per hour. The recall in effect for more than 50 thousand cars and subs made since 2016.

Tesla Recall Has Self-Driving Features In thecapitaldebates
Tesla Recall Has Self-Driving Features In thecapitaldebates

According to the national highway traffic safety administration the rolling stop function will be disabled via a free software update this month Tesla did not respond to Prorepublics News request for comment but Elon musk took to twitter to defend the feature writing.

There were no safety issues the car simply slowed to about two miles per hour and continued forward if clear view with no cars or pedestrians but it's not the only tesla feature in the spotlight.

At least one driver who's beta testing the full self-driving mode not yet available to everyone says that consumer testing is also a problem with the full self driving testing this on public roads I don't think that should be happening the way that they're going about it.

Obviously I had to take over Taylor Ogin posted this now viral video showing his drive through a neighborhood in Boston during the one minute clip the tesla veers into the wrong lane of traffic oh no look at that and almost hits a delivery van what is it doing do you feel like tesla needs to do something differently tesla historically notoriously pushes the envelope i don't know how much longer regulators will put up with it it all comes less than a week.

After Elon musk said in tesla's quarterly earnings call that Self-driving robot taxis were part of a quote road map to potentially justify the company's sky high valuation the company reported nearly 54 billion dollars of sales in 2021 its stock more than quadrupling its pre-pandemic high.

The company's market cap is now bigger than the world's next eight largest automakers combined i own tesla stock I have forever and I will continue to own it overall tesla's a fantastic company that is enabling more miles driven autonomously than most any other company out there

It's just I disagree with them on this approach this isn't the first time tech giant has faced scrutiny over safety overall Tesla's received superb safety ratings from independent testers but like other automakers that doesn't make it immune to recalls a month ago tesla recalled nearly half a million cars for rear view camera and trunk issues that regulators could find increase the risk of crashes with regard to the recall.

Elon musk tweeted and said that there are no safety issues what do you make of that I don't know what Elon is driving there are driving head-on into other cars into oncoming traffic it seems to me to be a safety issue so maybe it's just a different perception of what's safe when it's not Priscilla Thompson is with me here in the studio wow so it's not just the safety issue right there's also new precedent that maybe people get in trouble legally if they're involved.

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