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Far from building bridges china has been increasingly threatening its neighbour with its military the numbers of Chinese air force incursions into Taiwan's air defence zone have gone up as has the rhetoric from Beijing china views Taiwan as a renegade province that needs to be reunited with the mainland now this has forced Taiwan to double down on modernising its own military more on that in a moment but first a look at how some members of Taiwan's elite amphibious reconnaissance and patrol unit the arp are being tested to see if they are good enough to join the marine corps elite force of frogmen.

Taiwan bolsters military over fears of possible China attack | DW News

This is the final exercise of a brutal training course the marines call it the road to heaven getting over the line is not to be taken for granted more than half of the 31 candidates failed to finish this 26 year old graduate says he knows what it takes to succeed the first three days are very exhausting but during the last few days it gets better after your body gets used to it but of course you have to rely on your willpower and determination.

The training is designed to test the stamina of the marines and to eliminate those unable to withstand the pressure all of those taking part have volunteered to do so some out of a feeling of patriotism others are keen to push themselves to their limits exercises include spending hours in the water after having had very little food or sleep for days the main reason for being so harsh to them is to train their willpower because Our unit belongs to the special forces so in times of war we need to have stronger willpower and better physical abilities than other units the frogmen of the elite force are among.

Those who would be deployed in the event of any conflict with china which has been increasing military pressure on Taiwan of late they would be expected to scout enemy locations and call in attacks for such tasks the trainers say the men need to be able to cope with the harshest of conditions and joining me now for more is Wendy sung he's a lecturer in Taiwan studies at Australia's anu college of Asia and the pacific and he joins me now from

Taipei Mr sung how real is the fear of a Chinese invasion or attack in Taiwan well uh i think while people do take the possibility of a military confrontation with China seriously I think over time people have been simply living under the possibility or the shadow of a Chinese military confrontation scenario for easily over a quarter century by now so i think over time people just begin to try to tune it out and live theirs lives for the most part and i think for the general public That's the that's the sense they have obviously for the government leaders and those who are in the military they do uh they are being a lot more proactive in terms of finding out ways to improve the capacity and mitigate the risk of confrontation with china speaking of the response militarily i mean we look at military

modernisation that Taiwan is undertaking i wonder if that is the cornerstone of Taiwan's strategy to counter the threat from china yes i mean i think taiwan's strategy towards managing military uh threat from china are essentially two-pronged you can talk about it in terms of military modernization of taiwan's forces itself

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