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It was a highly choreographed display of unity that showcased a warming relationship and a rare event for the Chinese leader XI Jinping the first meeting in person with a foreign counterpart in nearly two years.
Russia's President Putin meets China's President Xi in Beijing
Russia's President Putin meets China's President Xi in Beijing 

There was much to discuss notably the Ukraine situation in recent days Beijing has expressed support for Moscow's grievances against the united states and NATO not party to the build-up of arms on the Ukraine border but the showdown is seen in Moscow and Beijing as a test of current american and influence feel that they are being driven into a corner by the west led by the united states to push against both countries for china with a lot of sanctions sanctions and tariffs so there's a lot of common ground uh to drive both countries into a new kind of and taught closer uh clients not exactly a block but increasing areas for cooperation and solidarity.

The planned financial deterrence and the threat to ostracism president Putin economically could be undermined by a Chinese promise of economic and political support and now there's a new energy deal Moscow is already a major gas supplier to Beijing but there are plans to increase exports to 48 billion cubic meters a year via a new agreed pipeline connecting.

Russia's far east with china's northeast There is a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics but the impact has been blunted by the attendance of nearly two dozen world leaders Vladimir Putin being the most prominent Russia is unlikely to want to draw world attention away from its allies and embarrass china while the games are on which may mean the threat level on the Ukraine border will be lowered for now.

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