Russia-Ukraine conflict US convenes National Security Council

The White House says President Joe Biden has convened a meeting of the National Security Council on Sunday in anticipation of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to AFP, White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki warned on Sunday that Russia could invade Ukraine at any time and that President Joe Biden had convened a national security meeting to discuss the issue.

Russia's Strategic Atomic Energy Agency also held a military exercise on Saturday in which ballistic missiles were launched. The United States has said in a statement that Russia's military has been deployed near the Ukrainian border and is ready to attack.

Ukraine has called on President Vladimir Putin to find a solution to the problem, given the violence between Russian-backed rebels in some parts of Ukraine and the growing threat of an attack by the Russian military.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky requested a meeting with his Russian counterpart after attending the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

"I do not know what the president of Russia wants, so I am proposing a meeting," said President Vladimir Zelensky.

President Vladimir Zelensky said Russia could choose the venue for the talks.

He clarified that Ukraine would only resort to diplomatic means for a peaceful resolution of the issue.

However, Russia has not yet responded to the Ukrainian president's request for a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Hours after separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine ordered their fighters to prepare for war, President Vladimir Zelensky announced his intention to meet with the Russian president.

The United States and the European Union say Russia is seeking to invade Ukraine by spreading false information.

A US State Department spokesman warned on Saturday that there was "overwhelming evidence" that Russia was spreading false information and that Russia was planning to invade Ukraine.

The spokesman said Russia had claimed responsibility for the car bombings in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, but locals said the situation in the city was peaceful.

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