Russia invades Ukraine Thousands of Pakistanis besieged, embattled over embassy behaviour

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, warplanes and tank shelling continued in various cities, including the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

War is raging everywhere, and thousands of Pakistanis, like millions of Ukrainians, are trapped.

Pakistani citizens stranded in Ukraine and exploded at the Pakistani embassy.

Pakistani citizens say that the embassy lied, left helpless and helpless, first called the capital Kiev, when they reached Kiev after spending thousands of rupees, the embassy raised their hands and now advised them to go to another city Turnpol.

Pakistani citizens say that they have run out of money, ATMs are also closed, there is a shortage of food and drink, where to go, who to call for help? No one is going to ask.

Citizens took refuge in bunkers and underground tunnels

Pakistani students trapped in Kiev due to heavy fighting in the Ukrainian capital have also appealed to the Pakistani embassy for help.

Students who have taken refuge in bunkers and underground tunnels say that the embassy is not cooperating to get out, no message has come from the embassy, ​​they are lying like homeless people, there is nothing to eat or drink. Kiev is not a safe city, no matter where you go, no one cares.

Students stranded in Kiev say about 200 students are waiting for help.

Position of Pakistani Embassy

The Pakistani embassy in Ukraine has instructed all students to reach Tranpole or Lviv immediately to leave Ukraine.

The Pakistani embassy says that in case of non-availability of transport, seek the services of the embassy's education adviser.

The Pakistani embassy in Ukraine has been relocated from the capital Kiev to Trincomalee.

Novel Khokhar, Pakistan's ambassador to Ukraine, said that there was a train service from Kharkiv to Tranupol in Ukraine and two focal persons were deployed to assist the students.

In this regard, the Foreign Office spokesman said that a focal person of the Pakistani embassy is present in Kiev for the convenience of Pakistani students.

According to the Foreign Office, Focal Person in Turnpowl Shehzad Najam can be contacted on 380632288874 and 380979335992.

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