Online fraud in the name of love in Corona, spent four million dollars on a partner

During the Corona virus epidemic, many people have resorted to the Internet to alleviate loneliness, but they have also encountered online fraud.

Trapping people in online fraud in the name of love is nothing new, but it has increased during the epidemic.

According to the AFP news agency, during the epidemic, the cheaters also used the Corona virus as an excuse not to visit the victims under the guise of rules and regulations.

The US Federal Trade Commission has said that some people test positive for the Corona virus, while others blame the travel ban for the lockdown.

A victim of the incident told Silent Victim No More, a news organization, that his "girlfriend" had broken up with him because of the corona virus.

"Fraudsters have benefited from the Corona epidemic."

When the man tried to find out about his girlfriend, he found out that the pictures sent were from someone else.

By then, however, the victim had spent چار 400,000 on visa fees and other expenses.

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, کروڑ 547 million was stolen in the 2021 romance scheme.

This is 80% more than the amount stolen in the 'Romance Scheme' during 2020.

Tim McGuinness, founder of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Schemes, says the rise in online fraud is a result of loneliness and one of the reasons is easy access to the Internet, which has proved to be the most effective tool during the epidemic.

Tim McGuinness says this kind of manipulation is a work of art. He further added that the deceiver or guardian starts with the general conversation during which they have adopted every means to bring the victim in their conversation.

Debbie Montgomery, a former U.S. Air Force officer, wrote in her book, "For years, she did not reveal that a man had stolen ڈالر 1 million from her."

Debbie Montgomery said she thought the man loved her.

She started talking to him after her husband died because she needed someone.

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