How difficult is it for FIA to arrest Shahbaz Sharif?

The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) seems very serious in its slogan of accountability. A prime example of this is the resignation of Shehzad Akbar, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Accountability, for failing to do his job.

How difficult is it for FIA to arrest Shahbaz Sharif?
How difficult is it for FIA to arrest Shahbaz Sharif? 

Even before the resignation of Shahzad Akbar, rumors were rife that Shahbaz Sharif might have to go home because he could not be arrested. These allegations were never denied at the government level, but their departure proved to be true.

Brigadier (retd) Mussaddiq Abbasi, who has replaced Shehzad Akbar as the new Advisor to the Prime Minister on Accountability, is currently camped in Lahore to complete the "unfinished business".

He was also present at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) office in Lahore all day on Thursday.

The new advisers for accountability in Lahore are constantly briefing the team preparing the case against Shahbaz Sharif and trying to determine where the mistake was made.

The important question here is whether Prime Minister Imran Khan really wants to arrest Shahbaz Sharif. Political observers and party leaders think so, but if you look at the recent speeches of the Prime Minister himself, then the focus of his criticism is also Shahbaz Sharif.

During a meeting with a delegation of journalists, the Prime Minister kept saying that "you have no idea about the corruption of Shahbaz Sharif, the day the secret will be revealed to you, you will forget Nawaz Sharif." Journalist and anchor person Ajmal Jami also He was present at the meeting and he confirmed the statement.

On the other hand, in the corridors of Parliament recently, Shahbaz Sharif while talking to on-camera journalists said, "I am riding on Imran Khan's senses, he can't even sleep because of me." One thing is certain from this whole situation. Arresting Shahbaz Sharif in any way is one of the main priorities of the government.

A senior FIA official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Urdu News that for the past three days, Brigadier Musaddiq Abbasi has been reviewing all the details of the case of Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz. "In many places, they have raised the question of who made the case worse and why, and now the FIA ​​has more options."

Meanwhile, an interesting situation arose when the officers investigating Shahbaz Sharif's case were abruptly transferred on Tuesday, February 1. According to the notification available to Urdu News, Director FIA Lahore Region Dr. Rizwan has informed the DG FI that “these officers cannot be transferred as they are investigating very high level cases. "However, these conversion orders have not been returned yet.

What happened in Shahbaz Sharif's case?

According to a senior FIA official, the first error in the case occurred when the FIA ​​prosecution team told the court after filing a challan in the banking court that the case against all 16 bank employees involved in the case had not been proved. That is why their names have been removed from the case. He further added that the case has been referred to Special Judge Central One (who hears FIA cases).

It may be recalled that the FIA ​​had filed a case against Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz for money laundering and accused them of creating a fake account and sending money abroad. Bank employees who opened bank accounts were also named in the case for aiding and abetting the crime.

In May 2020, Shahbaz Sharif and his son were granted interim bail by the same court which is still in force. Meanwhile, the FIA ​​also filed a challan in the court.

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