Grandmother returns to school in Kenya at the age of 98

In a stone classroom in rural Kenya's Rift Valley, Priscilla Cetini, who turned 99 on Friday, is taking notes with fellow students who are over 80 years her junior.

According to the British news agency Reuters, wearing a school uniform in a gray dress and green sweater, Setini said that she has returned to class to set a good example for her grandchildren and to pursue a new career.

"I want to be a doctor because I used to be a midwife," she said.

He said his decision involved the support of children.

The East African nation's government began subsidizing the cost of primary schooling in 2003, so that some older members of society who had been deprived of an education could revive their dreams.

It also brought fame to some senior students, including Priscilla Cetini, who traveled to Paris last year to inaugurate the film Gogo, about her life.

"Gogo" means grandmother in their native Klingon language. She will also be traveling to New York soon to launch the film.

Priscilla Cetini, in her sixth year of elementary school, says her goals are far more practical than becoming a movie star.

He said the idea of ​​going to school came to him when his grandson's daughter dropped out of school because she was pregnant and he asked Tafnan if he had any balance in school fees. Said yes.

"I told him I would use it to start school."

She said she hoped her grandson's daughter would resume her studies, but when she refused, Setini decided to go to school herself.

Priscilla Cetini added that she enjoys other activities at the school, including physical education. 

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