Crime rises in Islamabad despite record police encounters

In the last three months, 14 police encounters have taken place in the federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, in which six dacoits were killed while several others were injured and arrested. Meanwhile, four policemen were also killed in the firing.

The number of police encounters in three months is even higher than in the last three years.

The last three months of last year, especially October and November, proved to be very heavy for the citizens of Islamabad, when the robbers robbed the citizens of crores of rupees by rehabilitating big houses in every covered sector.

When this trend escalated, the government changed the command of the federal police and on December 7, appointed Muhammad Ahsan Younis as the new IG, replacing IG Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman.

According to officials, the main purpose of the appointment was to curb rising crime in Islamabad and crack down on dacoit gangs. After assuming his charge, the IG held open meetings on a daily basis and started a series of meetings with police personnel.

According to police officials, during the meetings with the police personnel, the IG gave a clear message to deal with criminal elements, especially robbers, with iron fists. Following these clear instructions from the IG, a series of police encounters began in Islamabad.

According to the police's own statistics, this series of police encounters continued so frequently that in three months there were so many police encounters that the number increased even more than the last three years.

Six robbers and two policemen have been killed and four policemen and several others injured in the clashes so far.

A 10th class student and his classmate were also injured in the firing due to misunderstanding by the police.

When and where did the police encounter take place?

According to the details provided by the spokesperson of Islamabad Police, the first police encounter after the new IG took charge took place on December 18 in Bahria Town in which two dacoits were killed while three men of Islamabad Police and Anti-Terrorism Squad were killed. Wounded.

Zakir and Arshad, who were killed in the police encounter, were involved in robberies at the homes of some prominent Islamabad figures.

On December 22, Zakir and Yasir, two young men of Islamabad police stationed on Eagle Duty, were shot and injured by criminal elements.

On January 7, a confrontation took place between police and dacoits in the area of ​​Noon police station in which two dacoits were injured while a third accomplice was arrested during a search operation.

In another encounter on the same day, a dacoit from Ramna police station area was arrested with injuries.

According to the police, the accused arrested in these police encounters were notorious in dozens of serious incidents including murder, attempted murder and robbery.

On January 9, a dacoit was injured in a police encounter in the area of ​​Noon police station in Islamabad. Injured robber accused Aziz was involved in several robberies and robberies. He also shot and wounded several civilians, women and children during the incident.

 On January 10, a dacoit and his accomplice were arrested in a shootout between police and dacoits in Tarnol area.

On January 17, a policeman was shot dead by terrorists in Karachi Company area and two alleged terrorists were killed in retaliatory firing.

On January 21, an exchange of fire took place between police and car lifters within the limits of Sabzi Mandi police station in Islamabad. One car thief was injured and another escaped.

On January 26, car lifters opened fire on a police party in the area of ​​I-9 police station, after which a car lifter involved in several car thefts, Yasir, was arrested with injuries.

During a snap check in Islamabad Sector G-13 on January 27, robbers in a vehicle opened fire on police. One accused was killed and another was injured in the exchange of fire while two others escaped.

One of the robbers killed in the exchange of fire was Faiz Mohammad, an Afghan national who had been jailed in 14 cases including firing on police personnel, terrorism and car theft while another injured robber Sardar Khan has also been jailed several times.

On January 30, robbers on a motorcycle opened fire on police during a checkpoint in the Coral police station area. A dacoit was injured and arrested in the exchange of fire. Injured robber Saleem Masih alias Harry is the main accused of the robbery gang and has been involved in several robberies at gunpoint while he has been jailed in three cases of robbery and illegal weapons.

On February 5, robbers opened fire on police during a snap check in E-16 area of ​​Tarnol police station. One dacoit was killed and another was injured in the retaliatory firing.

On February 7, policeman Muhammad Imran was injured when robbers opened fire on him within the confines of Koral police station. On the instructions of the IG, the police launched a search operation against the dacoits and when they came face to face again, one dacoit was killed and another injured in an exchange of fire.

Islamabad police sub-inspector Liaqat Ali was killed in a police encounter in Bhara Kahu on February 12, while a dacoit was arrested with injuries.

Has police encounters reduced crime?

Islamabad police claim on a daily basis that they have arrested the accused while conducting operations against those involved in robbery, robbery, drug trafficking and other crimes.

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