Bringing successful overseas loan scheme for job seekers abroad

Prime Minister Imran Khan's Adviser on Overseas Pakistanis Ayub Afridi has said that for those who want to go abroad for employment but do not have the resources, they are bringing interest free loan scheme in the name of 'successful Overseas'. So that they do not have to sell their land or jewelery and pay for tickets and visas.

Bringing successful overseas loan scheme for job seekers abroad

In an exclusive interview with Urdu News, Ayub Afridi said that the number of people going abroad has decreased due to Corona. In the three years of the current government, 1.1 million people have gone abroad for employment, a lower number than in the past. We are working to increase that.

"Right now the issues regarding Corona are being resolved, so we have called a conference of Overseas Employment Promoters," he said. We gave them awards, they praised them and we gave them a goal and we made it a consensus that in 2022 we will send one million people abroad.

"We will also send to Gulf countries and other countries where there are opportunities. We believe that 2022 will be an overseas year in which most people will go abroad.

According to Overseas Pakistani Adviser Ayub Afridi, “People who go abroad do not have the resources. They are in big trouble for tickets and visas. They either sell land or sell their women's jewelery or charge interest. Right now we are launching this scheme under the name of 'Successful Overseas' that whoever goes abroad, especially unskilled people, we will give them a free loan of Rs 200,000 to Rs 500,000. The loan is for three years and there is no interest on it.

"It will benefit them that they will not have to sell land, sell jewelery or borrow at interest.

The Overseas Advisor said that the salary of those going abroad will be formally transferred to the account. Our country will also benefit. In three years we will deduct a very small amount from their salary. Most of the money will go to his family. This will go a long way in resolving the issue of overseas travelers.

In response to a question, he said, "It will cost as much as the outsider will need." Because these are very poor people who will go out on an employer visa who has a company employment visa then he can take a loan. It will be the banks that give the money. The government or the ministry does not have that much money.

The government will pay interest to the banks on this loan and the borrower will not have to pay interest. They are setting up mechanisms for obtaining this loan and other matters.

Ayub Afridi said that the biggest problem of overseas Pakistanis is land and occupation groups. Other than that the remaining problems are very few and can be solved very easily. But this is an issue that is not in the hands of our government. Once the seizure occurs, the seizure group goes to court. Then the courts run their own way and unfortunately our judicial system is slow. A person living abroad cannot do so much follow-up.

"We talked to the prime minister about resolving the issue and he gave us permission," he said. We drafted a law in the Ministry of Law that we would set up an Overseas Court. Work on this is very close. In the next meeting, we will try to get it approved by the cabinet and soon we will have separate courts for this.

"The advantage is that the initial decision will come in 60 days. This will be followed by an appeal process. However, in 180 days the whole matter will be settled and a decision will come. This will greatly benefit the overseas and will resolve land acquisition disputes. They will benefit from special courts.

Referring to his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and meetings with Pakistanis living there, the Overseas Pakistanis Adviser said: ۔ '

Talking to the community in Saudi Arabia, it was learned that Prime Minister Imran Khan's notices and action against other staff members, including the ambassador, have improved the atmosphere, performance and attitude of the embassy. No further complaints were lodged against him, but it is good that he was praised.

Ayub Afridi further said in this regard that "as I think there is a problem and there was a complaint that we should have a passport office in (Madinah). They go to our helpless Medina, Jeddah, which is three or four hundred kilometers away, for a passport. We have Pakistan House in Madinah. We are working on opening a passport office if there is a NADRA office there.

Ayub Afridi said that during the recent visit of Saudi Arabia's Home Minister to Pakistan, he had raised the issue of problems faced by Pakistani workers with him. He assured that the Saudi government would resolve the issue by negotiating with the concerned companies for timely payment of arrears and salaries of Pakistani workers.

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