At the request of Maulana, no one resigned or accepted, Ghulam Sarwar Khan

 Pakistan's Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan has said that if the opposition fulfills its desire to bring a no-confidence motion and a long march, nothing will happen to them.

At the request of Maulana, no one resigned or accepted, Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Talking to reporters in Rawalpindi on Saturday, Ghulam Sarwar Khan criticized Maulana Fazlur Rehman, saying that during his sit-in, he used to say, "Take advantage, give and take."

According to him, "no one resigned at the request of Maulana and no one took it and Maulana went back on scholarship."

Even now nothing will happen from the sit-ins of the opposition, except for a few days people will suffer, in a few days the children of madrassas will visit Islamabad. Those who come from Sindh will also see the beautiful weather of Islamabad and then go back, nothing else will happen.

"Before that there was a march, a sit-in, and now the PDM and the PPP have announced a sit-in."

He added that there has been talk of mistrust for three and a half years.

Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan further said that an attempt was being made to create an atmosphere of uncertainty by spreading rumors.

According to Ghulam Sarwar Khan, "Opposition must protest, it has a political right but even these sit-ins will not achieve anything."

Asked about the opposition's announcements, he said, "The opposition can't do anything because everyone involved is a spent cartridge."

Asked about inflation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that it was not just our issue but a global issue.

He also explained the reason for the rise in prices, saying that in 2018, when he was the Petroleum Minister, oil was imported at 40 40 a barrel, compared to 97 97 today.

He also said that in order to reduce the effects of inflation, the government has launched programs for the benefit of the people, including the Universal Health Card, which is unprecedented in the history of the world.

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