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In ancient history, women were oppressed, especially in the pre-Islamic era. Her oppression had crossed all boundaries. The condition had reached such a level that he was buried alive at birth. Regular markets and bazaars were set up for their sale and purchase, but Islam not only elevated the woman to the highest heights of honor and dignity, but also made her a protector of mother, father, mercy, paradise for children and half faith for husband as well as right. He rose to prominence with the blessings of property, trade, commerce and hijab.

World Women's Day Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecapitaldebates | latest article
World Women's Day Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecapitaldebates | latest article 

But the light of Islam which had eradicated the darkness of oppression and tyranny, monarchy and global colonialism has again thrown it into the darkness of darkness and darkness far beyond the age of ignorance. And today's age, which man calls the age of advanced and enlightenment in its own right, the door to the exploitation of women is more strangely open than ever before, and the irony of oppression is that women are proud to be naked advertisements of every product. Feels

By seeking equal rights with men and protecting their honor, chastity and dignity within the walls of the home, instead of getting all the necessities of the world in their footsteps, they go out of the house to commit tribulations, murders and vadras, capitalists, industrialists. By considering the desires and service of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as an honor and dignity for himself, By making women ideal, he has fallen into the dark pits of humiliation and disgrace.

Tired of serving a husband and children inside the house, she likes to be content with the service of thousands of non-mahram men throughout the day and leaves the house in such dress and manner, as if it has become a practical interpretation of this edict of Hazrat Ali. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) prophesied that "a time will soon come upon the people in which women will be clothed but naked, will be involved in every tribulation and disorder in the world, and will go to Hell forever and ever.

And addressing the men, he said: Beware of the evil of the evil women, but beware of the virtuous ones. Don't let them capture you in evil. O people! Thou shalt not keep women secret, nor entrust them with the protection of wealth, nor leave them in the affairs of the house; Will destroy the kingdoms.

We have found her to be ungodly in her solitude, impatient in her lusts, and ungodly in her needs. Arrogance is in their nature, no matter how old they may be, and arrogance is their covering. They forget good and good and good, remember evil and evil, take the lead in blaming. They have three Jewish traits. They become oppressed while they themselves are oppressors, they swear while they are false, they stop while they are selfish.

In any case, talk to them, talk to them well, maybe they will follow the path of goodness. Similarly, intellectuals say that if a woman molds herself in the true light of Islam, the whole society will present the scene of Gulistan. Proper training of a woman is the guarantee of higher education of three families. For women all over the world in general and for Muslim women in particular, the biography and character of Hazrat Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Hazrat Rasool, whose birthday is today, is an ideal and ideal character in every respect.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) described her as the leader of the first and last women of Paradise. In this world, if women have given birth to tyrants and tyrants like Pharaoh, Nimrod, Shaidad, Qarun, then the prophets and saints have also been born from the womb of this woman. The enemies of Pakistan are once again on the verge of killing, bomb blasting and suicide attacks in the peaceful atmosphere of the beloved homeland. The recent incidents in Islamabad, Lahore, Dera Ismail Khan, Quetta and other cities have shaken the entire nation and although the Home Minister has issued high alert to all provinces and security agencies Have been acquitted.

The nation and the Pak army sacrificed more than 80,000 precious lives and with great difficulty made the country a cradle of peace and security. The heinous crime of killing, disappearance of innocent people has started again. Although Pakistan's security agencies have recently held a joint meeting to closely monitor the situation and, of course, to work out a plan of action, the people of Pakistan in general and especially religious, political and business gatherings Residents should pay full attention to security on their own. 

Similarly, one of the most dangerous waves of the Corona has sounded the alarm, so cleanliness and SOPs need to be improved more than ever. The management of houses, offices, mosques and imambargahs, schools, colleges, universities, religious schools should also ensure adherence to masks, sanitizers and other safety rules and regulations, and seek forgiveness of sins before their Lord. Should. May Allah forgive our sins and save us from these plagues.

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