What was the fault of Shahzad Akbar | latest article | thecapitaldebates

The Prime Minister had six objections to Shahzad Akbar. The first objection was that he would give a very good presentation in PowerPoint but when it came to documentary evidence, he would present a bundle of papers and this bundle would prove to be a piece of paper. Akbar accused the Mian Shahbaz Sharif family of money laundering of Rs. 27 billion.

What was the fault of Shahzad Akbar | latest article | thecapitaldebates
What was the fault of Shahzad Akbar | latest article | thecapitaldebates

Then a hundred people came in the list of witnesses and then when the case reached the court, the evidence of Shahzad Akbar could not face some questions of the opposing lawyers and thus Hamza Shahbaz Sharif was granted bail and Mian Shahbaz Sharif also returned home. Shehzad Akbar filed a case against Shahbaz Sharif family in London in December 2019 in the NCA (National Crime Agency). The allegation was declared baseless and the government was properly discredited and Mian Shahbaz Sharif is now emerging as the next Prime Minister.

Opposition, allies and 22 members of PTI are assuring him of confidence while Imran Khan wants to disqualify him in any case and Shahzad Akbar was not able to carry this heavy stone so he was fired. Objection, Shehzad Akbar had assured the Prime Minister, "I have collected data of 100 big fish returning to Pakistan and there are strong cases against them. These are the biggest and strongest cases in the history of Pakistan." Yes, they have been assuring the Prime Minister that there are 28 280 billion of Pakistani looters in Swiss banks. But when it came to the evidence, it was nothing but a few sheets and two thousand words, nothing but lame horses of claims and wishes in the files.

The third objection is that whenever the Prime Minister asked him to increase the speed, he would tie the bell around the neck of Anti-Corruption Department Punjab and FIA. On his advice, the Prime Minister also appointed Gohar Nafees as DG Anti-Corruption Punjab He also made them accountable to them and gave them all other facilities but complaints against Gohar Nafees were also heaped, evidence of FIA flew in the courts and new corruption scandals started coming to light.

The fourth objection, both Shahzad Akbar and Principal Secretary Azam Khan together angered all the friends of the Prime Minister. There were two names, Shehzad Akbar and Azam Khan. So when the Prime Minister looks to his right and left today, he does not see any of his own, he feels lonely and he holds Shahzad Akbar responsible for this loneliness.

The fifth objection, Shehzad Akbar had promised to the Prime Minister that I would bring Nawaz Sharif back in handcuffs from London but it was time for Nawaz Sharif to return honorably but Shehzad Akbar could not fulfill his promise and the sixth and last objection, the Prime Minister thought. Yes, Shehzad Akbar is my advisor but he takes these orders from someone else. Whenever he is given orders from the other side, he keeps acting fast and slow according to it. So Shahzad Akbar was sent home.

All these objections of the Prime Minister are valid because the government has been held accountable for the worst after the economy in three and a half years. So far, Pakistan has been ranked 117th to 140th in Transparency International's index, but the question is, is it only Shahzad Akbar who is responsible and all the other ministers are different?

Hamad Azhar has a portfolio of energy. Has he succeeded in providing cheap electricity to the people? Domestic rates were Rs 11 per unit and revolving credit was Rs 1148 billion but today electricity rates are Rs 21-24 per unit and revolving loans are Rs 2419 billion so the question is what has Hamad Azhar done till date?

Didn't they wield swords in the press conference like Shahzad Akbar till today. Imran Khan had top economists, Asad Umar was the father of economics, Hafeez Sheikh was the magician of economy and Shaukat Tareen knew the economy from the roots but he What has he done so far? They have been telling the nation for three and a half years that Ishaq Dar did bad by keeping the dollar at 105 rupees and we made it perfect by raising it to 180. Those who made China invest 55 55 billion in Pakistan were wrong and we all International projects are right to stop.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi is the Foreign Minister, Kashmir got out of our hands during his tenure and it could not get even 15 members to present a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council, it angered Saudi Arabia by making a statement. They were sitting and Pakistan was alone in the gathering of friends. You can make as many speeches as you want from Shah Sahib. They are ready for the long march towards Sindh but the ministry does not work with them.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was buying LNG from Qatar at 8 8 MMBTU, he was wrong and looted but PTI government is right to buy LNG at 30 30 MBTU, Department of Agriculture Fakhr In Imam and Punjab, Syed Hussain is with Jahania Gardezi but the nation has not seen his form till today. The government is claiming that we have pumped Rs. Are

Murad Saeed used to build motorways through speeches in the beginning. Today he is tired of building roads. If Mian Shahbaz Sharif was in Punjab then he would have been a dacoit but today Sai Usman Bazdar is running the largest province of the country No commissioner is being found for the division, so far DG Khan has changed ten commissioners in the division, 23 people have died in Murree and they are congratulating the administration.

The results of the local body elections are enough to know what Mahmood Khan is doing in KP and Balochistan is left behind. Despite the full support of the federal government, Jam Kamal could not save the government there. So the question is if Shahzad Akbar fulfilled his promises. If not, what have the other ministers done? Aren't they also doing what Shahzad Akbar used to do and aren't they also following someone else's orders?

The government should admit that after three and a half years of continuous failures and folly, the problem is not in the courtyard but in the dance. Imran Khan is the batsman of the world of ideas, he is ignorant of the ground realities and management Till he could not keep his old friends, old party workers and family together, who could not run his personal economy and who has no answer to the jump of Rs. 

The person who pushes the whole country into inflation, unemployment, recession and chaos and says with great ease, "What can I do?" Is responsible, so the problem is not people like Shahzad Akbar, the problem is Imran Khan. His cabinet and spokespersons will do the same thing when he himself will be working with speeches all day long. The nation should also accept that we have killed the worm of revolution and change by flowing with emotions.

If we do not admit our mistakes now, our next destination will be "TLP" and we are all aware of what will happen in the country after that. There are no more experiments left, how many more supports will you give to the falling walls, every one of your support is costing the nation dearly and it is slipping further down the slope so please do your best and admit your mistakes. (Undo) Because now even the bus is enough, so if you do not stop, Imran Khan will take the resignation of the nation where the return will not be possible.

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