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PTI leader Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi is very active and active in South Punjab today. He speaks of the province in various press meetings. He also wrote a letter to the opposition leaders in this regard. Shah Mehmood Qureshi estimates that there is not much time left in the election, not much to show the voters. That is why he is suddenly starting to remember about South Punjab province.

What is the real need of South Punjab | latest article | thecapitaldebates
What is the real need of South Punjab | latest article | thecapitaldebates
The question is, if the PTI wants to do something with regard to South Punjab province, what is the procedure? What should he do to pave the way for a new province and make life easier for the people here?

The most important thing that Shah Mehmood Qureshi and other PTI leaders should do is not to politicize South Punjab province. It should not be used for point scoring. Even an ordinary political activist can understand that the letters sent by Shah Mehmood Qureshi to Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto will be useless. He wrote these letters for point scoring so that later he could say that we had called the opposition regarding the new province, but they did not respond. In fact, Shah Mehmood Qureshi's method is wrong.

Instead of sending letters or political slogans to the government regarding South Punjab province, a comprehensive plan has to be made. Prior to the 18th Amendment, the PPP government formed a committee comprising representatives of all parliamentary parties and decided to hold closed-door meetings, with no premature media coverage and until the final draft. Don't tell anyone about it. This strategy was successful.

This is what needed to be done with regard to South Punjab province. The PTI government should have done so as soon as it came to power. Time is still running out. A parliamentary committee should be formed which would review various aspects of South Punjab province and give unanimous suggestions and then it would be possible for the parliament to enact legislation in this regard. This will not give credit or discredit to any one political party and thus all the major parties will be able to work out a strategy together.

There is going to be a lot of good work outside Parliament as well. Creating a new province is not an easy task, this is going to be the first time in Pakistan. There will be a lot of distribution. The issue of employees, the capacity of the new province and the issue of capacity building in this regard, etc. At present the plan of South Punjab Province includes three divisions (Bahawalpur, Multan, DG Khan). All the districts of these three divisions are included in the proposed project. The South Punjab Secretariat has also been set up for the people of these three divisions. Now the question is that some districts are so close to each other that most of the people's lands and relationships are so dirty that if the provinces are divided, problems will arise for them.

This problem will arise especially in Vehari district. The people of Burewala Tehsil are connected to Sahiwal Division and would like to live with Lahore. This issue will also come up in Khanewal a little bit. Bahawalpur, DG Khan division is not so much a problem, Multan, Lodhran are also clear in this regard. A commission of experts should be formed to look into all these issues and questions. This commission should have experts in town planning, agriculture, industry, water, energy, etc., and they should look at all this and give a complete road map by which the new province can be run in the best possible way. What is the impediment to setting up a special parliamentary committee on South Punjab province and an empowered commission on new provinces? The government can do all this very easily.

We know that PTI does not have required majority in National Assembly, Senate and Punjab Assembly. She cannot create a new province even if she wants to. Understandably, concessions can be made to the government. The question is, why aren't the things that are necessary for the new province to be done? Establishing the South Punjab Secretariat was an important decision and step. PTI and Imran Khan should get full credit for this. This is not a trivial matter, but in fact it is the first step towards a new province. This made a lot clear and definite. However, due to political reasons, the government could not decide whether Multan would become the secretariat or Bahawalpur. Attempts have now been made to run the mix, but obviously a single location will have to be determined.

The South Punjab Secretariat is the first step, but then logically the second, third step should also be taken. The second step is the establishment of a Public Service Commission for South Punjab. This is very important. People need jobs. Talented youth from backward areas of South Punjab should be given priority in government jobs. This can be done easily. Once upon a time there were separate competitive examinations for Zones A and B in Punjab. The provincial government can do that.

For South Punjab, a separate public service commission or quota should be formed to conduct competitive examinations, while in addition to this, quotas for jobs in different departments should be created which should be filled through departmental examinations. Local people are recruited from Extra Assistant Commissioner to Section Officer and Tehsildar to Patwari etc. so that they can gain a few years of administrative experience before the new province is formed and when it becomes a separate province it can be run well.

There are very few boys from South Punjab in Punjab Police. New recruitment should be made in the police by keeping separate quota for South Punjab. Local youth should be recruited after competitive examination, especially for ASI, sub-inspector seats. In the event of a new province, the local police force will be desperately needed. Young men and police officers who do not go to Central Punjab or Upper Punjab on repeated vacations but are locals.

The same should be done for lower courts. A reasonable number of Civil Judges, Additional Sessions Judges should be taken in accordance with the standard judicial examination procedure. It may take a couple of years to form a new province, by which time they will have gained experience. It is very simple, foolproof and transparent system can be made in consultation with Chief Justice Lahore High Court.

The third most important task is to create new districts in the region. People in Lahore, Pindi and other big cities do not know how much change takes place when a tehsil becomes a district. South Punjab is unfortunate in that there has been terrible negligence in creating new districts. Take the example of Bahawalpur division that for the last seventy years it has only three districts (Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Rahim Yar Khan). Small towns like Mandi Bahauddin in Gujranwala division, Hafizabad and Nankana in Lahore division were made districts, but no one took pity on Bahawalpur division. There are ancient cities like Ahmadpur Sharqiya, Khanpur.

Khanpur was once a district, but it was again turned into a tehsil. Chishtian tehsil of Ahmadpur East, Khanpur and Bahawalnagar should be made a district. In DG Khan, Jampur has every right to become a district. It is not known why the political elite of Rajanpur is opposing it. Jampur and Taunsa can be made separate districts. Similarly, another big task is to create a ground division. If this division is formed by combining Layyah, Bhakkar, Mianwali, Kot Addu can also be included in it by forming a district, but it should be a part of South Punjab province as it is naturally connected with it. If the people of Mianwali do not want to join it, then Layyah, Bhakkar, Obaro, Kot Addu etc. should be merged to form a separate division which became part of South Punjab.

The PTI government used the promise of South Punjab province as an election slogan. Imran Khan still insists that he is serious about this. They have to give practical proof. The South Punjab Secretariat alone cannot be a servant. If they are sincere about creating a new province, more steps will have to be taken. There is no administrative difficulty in creating new districts. A two-thirds majority in the provincial assembly is not required. The province will also become a shawl, but until then a few new districts will be created, which will create a way of openness and ease for the people there.

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