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Yakotsk is a region in the Siberian region of Russia called Yakotsk, with a population of 300,000 and is the coldest population in the world. In winter its temperature drops to 50 degrees Celsius. Omyakon is the coldest village in the world, with temperatures reaching minus 71.5 C. That is, people's saliva freezes in their mouths until they burn and they are not even able to do that. 

Rescue operations are underway in Murree by Pakistan Army, Air Force, Punjab Police and local administration to evacuate tourists stranded due to heavy snowfall. At least 22 tourists, including eight members of a family, have died due to severe cold and suffocation among tourists stranded due to heavy snowfall in Murree and adjoining areas.  Pakistan Army personnel, local police and administration personnel are taking part in the relief and rescue operation and evacuating the stranded tourists to safer places. A Punjab government spokesman said that the Punjab Chief Minister has reached Rawalpindi and they Self-supervising the operation.  Spokesman Hassan Khawar tweeted that the Chief Minister has reached Rawalpindi and is personally reviewing the relief and rescue operations. He directed the administration, police, 1122, PDMA and other agencies to expedite the work. Today, the rescue operation was also monitored from the Chief Minister's helicopter.  Rescue operations continue in Murree  According to the district administration of Rawalpindi, due to timely measures taken by the concerned agencies, relief operations are in full swing and the situation is improving. According to a statement issued on Saturday, Commissioner Rawalpindi, RPO Rawalpindi, Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi and CPO Rawalpindi are present in Murree and are personally overseeing all relief operations.  A 24/7 control room has been set up in the office of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi for the guidance and convenience of the citizens regarding the heavy snowfall in Murree and the emergency weather situation. As per the directions of Punjab Chief Minister, all rest houses and government institutions in Murree and adjoining areas have been opened for tourists.  Earlier, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed grief over the deaths of tourists in Murree, saying that the district administration was not ready for the arrival of large numbers of people without seeing the unusual snowfall and weather conditions. On Saturday, he tweeted that an inquiry into the incident had been ordered and strict rules would be put in place to prevent such tragedies.  Earlier, rescue officials in Murree said the death toll from vehicles trapped in the snow had risen to 22. Eight children were among the dead. The Punjab government has declared Murree a disaster area while Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has convened an emergency meeting to review the rescue operation.  Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar told a press conference in Lahore that rescue teams had been dispatched from Attock and Rawalpindi for Murree. He said that the incident of killing of tourists would be investigated and action would be taken if any negligence was found.  On the other hand, the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department (ISPR) said in a statement that Army engineers were busy opening roads in Murree and Galyat. According to ISPR, four relief camps have been set up for tourists at different places in Murree while Murree Expressway has been cleared.  Earlier, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had said that 16 to 19 people were killed in vehicles stuck due to snowfall in Murree. In a video message on Saturday morning, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that The closed Murree and Galyat routes have failed to open in the last 12 hours and tourists are stranded in their vehicles who are facing shortage of food and warm clothes. The Home Minister said that after 15, 20 years so many tourists died which caused a huge crisis.  The Home Minister said that the Civil Armed Forces has been called in to evacuate the stranded tourists in Murree and Galyat. The entire administration, armed forces, Rangers, FC and infantry have been called in immediately.  All roads leading to Murree have been closed till 9 pm on Sunday," he said in a message to the dying tourists. Sheikh Rashid said, “There are so many tourists that they have a problem with blankets and food. I urge everyone in the area to provide blankets and food to the people in their vehicles. Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar declared a state of emergency in Murree after the death of tourists. Getting the stranded tourists out is the first priority, he said in a statement.  According to rescue officials in Murree, the dead tourists were from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Mardan, Lahore and Gujranwala. As every year, with the onset of winter, tourists from all over Pakistan flocked to the tourist destinations to enjoy the snowfall, but due to incessant rains and snowfall, roads in Murree and Galyat have been closed. Last week, authorities warned tourists traveling to Murree and Galyat to exercise caution.
what happened in Murree

Tears freeze in the skin and after going out for a minute and a half, body parts start falling due to snow. People keep their cars started all winter, why? Because once the car is stopped, it does not start again, the engine stops, the battery freezes and the radiator explodes, people cannot build washrooms in their homes, why? Because the bolus freezes and it cannot get out through the pipes, digging a grave after death is the most difficult task in the region, the whole village burns together at the place of the first grave.

After seven or eight days of fire, the place becomes soft and then dozens of people dig one inch at a time and then the process of mourning begins. Why? Because before the burial of the dead the grave is covered with snow and this snow is not just snow it is stronger than rock, it is not possible to break it so these people keep burning fire in the grave, mobile phones and internet in the region Not possible, why? Because the signals get jammed and the mobile batteries don't work.

It's not easy to take a picture with a camera, why? Because the oxygen inside the lenses and shutters freezes and they don't move, but you see the beauty of man, life has been going on in this region for hundreds of thousands of years, there are roads, there are markets, there are restaurants and bars. There are government offices as well as schools and all this is going on in this extreme weather. Schools in Omiya Con are closed only when the temperature in the village reaches minus 55 degrees, otherwise both the school and the office will be open before then. Lives and people and children are also present.

Winter weather is also ideal for these people, why? Because all the rivers and lakes along the way freeze, these roads also become and trucks run on them to provide year-round food and fuel for the whole area while in the middle of summer rivers and lakes stand in the way. And cut off the region from the rest of Russia.

If you look at the history and geography of this area, you will be amazed to see that 23 people did not die in any period in this whole area even at minus 71 degree Celsius while we found 23 bodies on January 8 at minus two centigrade from Murree. Pick up, why? Why is there such a difference between Murree and Omiya? Did you think Remember that weather is not an issue in the world, weather preparation is an issue.

If you are ready to face cold or heat then no problem and if you are not mentally and physically prepared then you will die of cold in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad or in Karachi. The real issue is preparation and I have come to this conclusion from the tourism of 87 countries and the experiences of North Pole and South Pole. I'm the worst person, people in the world start arranging cold and heat six months in advance when we don't have matches, candles and tea leaves for the next day so this incident is the worst example of lack of preparation.

The Murree incident is sad but instructive but the question is what will a nation that has not learned from the East Pakistan tragedy learn from the Murree incident but I still consider it my duty to play the whistle, whether anyone listens to me or not Listen but I will definitely play the ten box, maybe one ear or one conscience is alive and it will make a policy for itself or for others, maybe because of one person one family will be saved.

We first discuss the shortcomings of the tourists. We have to admit that 90% of our population belongs to the tropics. In the last twenty years Pakistan has had a network of roads and people have got cars but the nation is not yet mentally able to get cars and roads so people suddenly push the whole family in cars and Without any preparation and information, they go to Murree, Kagan, Swat and Gilgit-Baltistan and suffer from some kind of disaster whether it is hot or cold.

I spend every weekend in Murree so for seven years I have been seeing people, including children, being humiliated on the streets, people riding in small cars and wagons in sleepers, open shoes and light clothes The children are crying in the streets, the women are vomiting and the elderly are sitting on the sidelines holding their heads so I hold the common people responsible for this tragedy.

Two and a half thousand cars were parked in a city where there were only two and a half thousand rooms. How will it take care of so many people? The second ice is a protocol, unless you have a four-by-four jeep or a chain on all four wheels of the vehicle, you have extra gasoline, a shovel to clear the snow, two days' worth of food, water, No milk, blankets, waterproof jackets, fleece hats, mufflers, double sweaters, waterproof gloves, waterproof anti-sleeper long shoes, flashlight and trekking sticks. Have children under 12 or seniors over 70 with you.

Thirdly, weekends or holidays are the worst days for visiting snowy places or tourist destinations. A sensible person should not go to any tourist destination with family on these days and if you are very interested. Then arrange room, hotel and other necessities and then get out of the house otherwise it will be a simple suicide. Fourthly, do not go to the mountainous areas even in the rainy season. Hundreds of families die each year from landslides and rock falls.

Vehicles are also stuck in landslides every week. You also have to follow this protocol. Fifthly, if you are stuck in a snowstorm, do not get stuck in the vehicle. Wherever you find refuge, take it immediately, sacrifice the car, but save yourself and your family, and if that is not possible, get out of the car every fifteen minutes and remove the snow from all its door sides and silencers. Otherwise, snow will accumulate outside the doors.

They will shut down completely and you will not be able to get out of the car. Also keep in mind that constant running of the heater reduces the oxygen inside the car and if ice accumulates in front of the silencer during this time carbon monoxide will return to the car. Comes in and this gas is silent killer, it doesn't smell or taste Therefore, if you run the heater of the car, you must keep the glass lightly down and if you get stuck in the snow, go down every ten to fifteen minutes and keep removing the snow from the doors as well as in front of the silencer.

Lastly, wherever you are going, before you go for God's sake, you must know the weather, Google has not allowed the weather to remain a secret anymore, it also gives you a minute-by-minute account, you must see this account. Even if the police or the administration stop you on the way, stop it as a sign from nature. When you are stubborn, this stubbornness kills you and your family. I have a very nice house but I have come back from the road dozens of times. If I feel rushed even after reaching Murree, I will return quietly or put the car on the side and walk home. Why? Because I think there is no greater misfortune in the world than to be struck by the signs of nature.

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