We are killing our children by thecapitaldebates | latest article

My son asked me a strange question a few days ago, he asked Have you ever wondered why your children respect you" I replied with a laugh All children in the world respect their parents, I am a father and as a father I have privilege, he said with a laugh. But we do. I laughed again and replied, How can I decide that your love is genuine and it will not diminish with time?

We are killing our children by thecapitaldebates | latest article
We are killing our children by thecapitaldebates | latest article

He laughed and then said "We keep this issue to the side and let me tell you why we respect you?" Not once did you see our mark sheets, you never scolded us for getting low marks and never clapped for high marks, we changed subjects at will, changed schools and colleges and failed. You never mind when the parents of all our classmates used to count the numbers and put them in front of us. Whenever our classmates would see you, they would say to us: Can't you give us your father for a few days? We are tired of eating shoes. We realized then that you have blind faith in us. You consider us above numbers and position.

I laughed and said, "You guys have a misunderstanding. I wasn't interested in your career or education. Every father in the world is sensitive about his children. Children's worries are part of the father's DNA." I used to worry too but like other parents I would not send you to school to get positions or numbers, I would send you to learn, the job of schools, colleges and universities is to build learning ability in children. ۔

Suppose there are 30 students in a class, some of them must be artists, nature must have made them for painting, music, acting, interior decorating or dress designing, what is their interest in biology, math or cooking? There will be some natural businessmen, they will have to go ahead and establish big companies and brands, what interest will they have in Urdu, English, history and geography, some people will go ahead Nelson Mandela And to become Abdul Sattar Edhi, what interest would he have in physics, chemistry and literature and nature would have made some of them sportsmen, what interest would these four have in boring lectures.

They will get low marks in every exam but will we consider them as fail? No, the job of schools is not to grade children on the basis of numbers, to make one child big and the other small, to make one worthy and the other incompetent, to inculcate in them the habit of learning and their natural talent. Growing up but unfortunately in our country both these things are not happening in educational institutions, we try to make the whole class doctors, engineers or IT professionals and in this tumultuous learning ability of students is also killed and Even with confidence, 99% of our students drop out of colleges and universities with the feeling of "IM Field".

There is no confidence in these four and the remaining one percent who are left, suffer from "overconfidence", they go to the market with this feeling, "I am a topper, I have no competition, I have to learn more. There's no need for that either. So the toppers are killed by their "overconfidence" and the remaining ninety-nine percent are eaten with the tag "I'm incompetent". I myself am a product of this system. Every teacher told me you were incompetent, even in practical life my colleagues called me "ignorant" because I knew my children would not get anything out of this system.

This system will rub them without understanding and if I join it it will be an abuse of them so I at least made you safe on my own, you know we would Even if we fail, our father will not hit us with his shoes, he will laugh and tell you to change colleges, sub-jackets and teachers and if you still do not feel like studying then leave college and start doing whatever you want. 

My son laughed and replied, "That's why we respect you. You trusted us when no school, no college and no teacher was ready to accept us as human beings. You were our only one at that time." There was support, all the teachers used to call us bad, all our classmates used to laugh at us but you would fold our mark sheet and put it in your pocket, hold our hand, go out of school gate and open ice cream for us. "It simply came to our notice then. We would try again."

You may find my words strange but believe me children are a great gift from allah, allah has made you children Don't make prey, Allah Almighty decides man's destiny before birth, his destination, we don't know where our child should go in life and no teacher in the world, no college and no syllabus Just focus on grooming and learning your children, if you groomed them morally or instilled in them the ability to learn then you are done.

They will make their own way in life, but if your children are not groomed or they do not have the ability to learn, they will not be able to succeed in life, even if they top every class. Life will be short on itself but now the question is what is grooming and learning? Grooming is a way of life, how a person should walk, walk, get up, sit, talk, walk, eat, drink and live. This training is called grooming. He was a certified waiter at the age of 13.

I also taught them book reading, knowledge hunting, HR, business startups, personal hygiene, company making, resource management, crisis management and interior decorating and taught them how to make money and how to use it. Today, thanks to YouTube, all kinds of knowledge is available in mobile phones, there are millions of online courses, you can do these courses for yourself and your children, remember that none of us have a problem. Survival, problems in life are not a problem, the solution to these problems is a problem.

If you have the ability to learn, you can easily solve all your problems and if you do not have this ability, you will be discouraged. Learning is the ability that parrots understand. If you want to take food of your choice then you have to learn these two words, Mian Mitho or Chori Do or Allah and he learns these two or three words and arranges his food or your domestic cat learns this. If I have to take milk, I have to rub my head lovingly on the hand of my mistress or owner or your pet dog learns this. He will turn his hand lovingly and give me a piece of meat.

What does the world want from you, how do you influence the world and how do you sustain yourself in adverse circumstances? It is learning to understand but unfortunately our educational institutions are not able to create this ability in our children, they send them home with incompetent medals and this is the biggest flaw of our system, we are the killers of our children. 

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