Unscrupulous behaviour by Mr Waqas | thecapitaldebates | latest article

There is a wholesale market for motorcycle parts on McLeod Road in Lahore. A neighbour has a shop there. When I went there for some work, I went to his shop. He motioned me to sit on it, I was shocked to see the condition of the chair that the neighbour immediately reprimanded his employee, these are just a few manufacturers, they are our neighbours and at the same time I was asked to come to the chair lying next to me on the other side of the counter.

Unscrupulous behaviour by Mr Waqas | thecapitaldebates | latest article
Unscrupulous behaviour by Mr Waqas | thecapitaldebates | latest article

After a while a customer came, he gave a very cracked thousand note, he looked around and put it in his throat and counted the rest of the money. After the customer left I said usually so bad The shopkeepers do not take notes, he immediately said, now a manufacturer will come and kiss and lick the same torn old note.

These two incidents that happened to me in five minutes are not just a coincidence, they are a perfect reflection of the general attitude and thinking of our shopkeepers towards the manufacturers. In all major markets of Lahore including , Rang Mahal and Badami Bagh etc. Thousands of different types of products are brought for sale but the unconventional market and product is exactly the same with those who make these vendors behave.

The same traders pay at least 30% advance for the goods which are not made in Pakistan, then when the goods are still on the dock, the whole amount is paid. They then submit a three-month plan and advance to keep the supply chain afloat. On the other hand, when they buy goods from local manufacturers, when they buy goods, they pretend that they don't need them at all. Doing kindness, very embarrassing attitude while fixing the price of the product. Then after taking the goods, there is no guarantee as to when the money will be paid.

Since the manufacturer is forced by the artisans to produce in any case, he has to pay the electricity bill and other expenses, so he needs money for the raw material in any case. This situation is fully cashed by the shopkeepers. Many manufacturers who are fond of this situation and these attitudes repent from manufacturing.

But this is most often the case with manufacturers who have little ability to produce quality products, are less educated and less skilled. Gets a relatively good response. And those who make even better quality products get orders from big factories, but still the vast majority of manufacturers face these attitudes.

Vendors individually have some temporary benefits due to these attitudes but it is a very negative thing for the national economy as a whole. It is a big obstacle for the flourishing of small scale industries in particular. Tired of attitudes, make your own outlets. But the small manufacturers who are not able to make their own outlets are still at their mercy. This is exactly the situation of every sector.

I think the chambers of commerce of different cities, traders and industrialists' associations and public representatives should pay attention to this issue. Promise slips or checks received from traders in return for goods can be paid to these industrialists immediately.

If we are to get the economy back on its feet, there is no way out without strengthening the small industry and the biggest threat to the small industry is from the merciless attitude of the traders. 

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