The water has reached the nose by Waqas Muhammad | thecapitaldebates | latest article

Believe it or not, the reality is that between the nights of January 7 and 8 in Murree, both the state and the society failed. You see the state of affairs. He had also given this warning and all the communication roads may remain closed till January 9. Tourists were also advised to be cautious but no government department took the report of the government department seriously.

The water has reached the nose by Waqas Muhammad | thecapitaldebates | latest article
The water has reached the nose by Waqas Muhammad | thecapitaldebates | latest article 

The entire government knows that there is a capacity of three and a half thousand vehicles in Murree, the traffic police had informed on January 4 that more vehicles have entered the city than the capacity, stop more tourists, Murree traffic police spokesman and traffic warden Shafiq. Also sent me a video in which he is standing in the snow and telling me "heavy snowfall has started, there is a lot of rush of tourists, please don't come more people, there will be a traffic jam".

But at the same time, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry was telling the world through a tweet, "Nearly one lakh vehicles have entered Murree. The Chief Minister of Punjab also commended the police administration and rescue teams on January 7 for their exemplary arrangements and performance at a time when human tragedy was brewing in Murree.

I am half a citizen of Murree, I have witnessed hundreds of incidents of tourists being robbed by locals, contractors or owners of restaurants and hotels, they are very scary, opportunistic and cruel people If you blackmail tourists, if you accidentally park a car somewhere or you ask a hotel agent for a room rate, then you have to pay in any case, otherwise it will cost you in front of your family. They will humiliate and the whole market will gnash its teeth and laugh.

They also close the roads, whenever the government closes the expressways due to rush, they start demonstrations and the government lies down in front of them, they have cut down the entire forest on the other side. Murree is bald in their hands, wherever you look you will see flats and flats and all these buildings are built on the rough hills of the city where two hundred years ago the British banned the erection of concrete buildings and mountains. Concrete buildings will not withstand the slightest rain or earthquake, but today there is no law in Murree, neither for construction nor for protection of tourist rights, it has become a swamp of looting Has done

I come back to the issue. In Murree, before every snowfall, snow removal machinery was parked on the roads. Salt is also stored at various places. They used to remove the snow at the same time because once it snowed then the machines could not be delivered there and the snow could not be cleared but this time the machines remained standing in the depot of Sunny Bank, salt. Also bought in the papers and thrown in the streets in the papers, so what happened?

Due to the "prosperity" 162,000 vehicles entered the city, traffic was jammed, the total number of rooms in the hotels is two to three thousand and the number of people reached four lakh, the hotels have increased the rates from fifty to seventy thousand per room. People, including families, were trapped in vehicles, but the government was congratulating the bureaucracy on the well-being of the people and the ideal arrangements, and the administration was throwing the meteorological department's report in the trash. Ideal for the Mafia, so they generously began to attract tourists.

The boiled egg became five sorupe, a cup of tea six hundred rupees, a bottle of water eight hundred to one thousand rupees, the rate of pushing the car three thousand rupees and the rate of China seven to ten thousand rupees, the locals said. From jeeps to petrol cans, women were insulted and children were crying and joking, they kept asking tourists for money to show them the way so people had no choice but to take shelter in cars and These vehicles eventually proved to be gas chambers for them.

You should also remember that Murree is a government hill station, there are rest houses and offices of all major and minor departments, there are also centers of Army, Navy and Air Force and also a large cantonment. It was through this that the crisis was managed. It was the soldiers of the Pakistan Army who finally delivered food, medicine and blankets to the people and opened the way. If power and resources were used a day or a night ago, wouldn't we be able to save 23 lives?

This question seems foolish now, we have become a gravedigger nation who has no choice but to bury the corpses, weep and wash and announce the relief money for the bereaved, you see the limit, in front of you in the city. There are 162,000 vehicles, 30,000 vehicles are stuck in the snow on the roads and the state is sitting at home, can there be a greater state failure? Could there be a greater indifference?

If the state cared even for the people, if the government really was a government of human beings, it would not have let things go by this time, and even if it had happened, it would have declared an emergency on the night between January 7 and 8 Hotels, rest houses and private houses were occupied and people were evacuated from their homes. In Lower Topa and Kaldana, where people were dying in cars, there was a state on the other side of the walls, but that night there was pity in someone's heart. No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise.

You see the standard of capability, we are a nuclear power but no government agency, no government Socrates, Hippocrates did not even know that if ice accumulates in front of the silencer then carbon monoxide accumulates in the car and people die Hundreds of people die of suffocation in the country every year but we have not been able to tell the people the reasons for "suffocation" till date.

We have to admit that we have made the country a market of stupidity and incompetence, we are making it a failed state, every other day something happens in the country and the world starts looking at us with amazement Killed a Sri Lankan engineer in Sialkot, the world was overwhelmed but we did not create any industrial SOPs even after this tragedy, we did not manage to stop the path of religious extremism, before T The LP had killed six policemen and the GT road had been closed all week, forcing the state to surrender to the protesters.

Their terms had to be agreed upon and all the accused had to be honorably acquitted, the world saw this spectacle and now the tragedy of Murree was broadcast in the media all over the world, even Pope Francis prayed for the deceased, the world People are thought to have died in the snow, but when we told them the incident was caused by carbon monoxide, the world became more upset because they thought we were a nuclear power, at least the science of silencers. You will know

We have to wake up now, we are far behind, there is religious fanaticism in the country and the people are very unskilled and un-trendy, they don't even know how to walk, drive and dispose of garbage. I reach the ice, the government is also an omelette of incompetence, inexperience and arrogance, these people are deprived of both hearing and comprehension abilities and the state left behind does not even take the meteorological department alert seriously. 

This snow removal machinery is parked in Sunny Bank's depot to collect snow, people are dying in cars all night and it is waiting for the order by closing the gate so now we have to decide this country. We have to run or we have to announce its end, so please wake up, the water has reached the nose, we do not have much time left.

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