The reign of ignorance by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecaptaldebates

Rule means rule. The ruler who rules is called a king. The great ruler is called Maharaja. Before the partition of India, there were about 600 small and large states whose rulers were called Raja Maharaja and Nawab etc. The kings and maharajas of these states must have had authority in many respects as far as their respective states were concerned but since India was ruled by the Queen, she had real sovereignty. The other hundreds, large and small, were tax collectors of the British Empire. That is, they ruled over the British Crown as well as their own territories and populations. This means that where one's words, orders or bullying are considered fraudulent at the general and general level, he is likened to his rule.

The reign of ignorance by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecaptaldebates
The reign of ignorance by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecaptaldebates

Only the rulers do not rule. Thoughts and thoughts also prevail. Good thinking also reigns. Evil thoughts also rule. When Pakistan was formed, general thinking was different. At that time most of the people were thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of Pakistan. When I was a kid and after school I used to play with the street kids who were in my school then obviously we didn't know much about big things.

This is about the city of Quetta at that time. The mothers of the children playing in the street kept an eye on the children from inside the houses while they were playing. Children playing in the neighborhood were not allowed to play in only one household. Despite wanting to play with us, those children could not go out and play with us due to restrictions imposed by the parents of other children. I vividly remember one day I asked my mother, "Why can't we play with these kids?"

He had said, "The father of these children is employed in the court and bribes come into their house." Pure thinking was the rule. Thoughts that were slowly disappearing are now completely extinct. The thought that is now considered a mental patient. Formerly distant relatives were also called their own and now close relatives have also become strangers. Why? Because now more than relationships, things have become their own. In the past, holistic and general thinking had the status of honor and character criterion. Today, the standard of holistic and general thinking has become comfort and luxury. 

Since any society, nation and country is subject to some collective or general thinking, this particular society will be known only by analyzing the general and general thinking of the people of the nation or country. That the prevailing thinking is a manifestation of some knowledge or ignorance. If a social thought meets the standards of authentic knowledge, then a society with such thinking and thinking will be the guarantor of the progress, welfare and survival of humanity.

On the contrary, a society with thinking and thinking will be a society of backwardness, humiliation and disgrace. In this context, if we look at the conditions and events of the modern world, we will know that the world is still suffering from the same ignorance, brutality and barbarism for which the Middle Ages were notorious. When the law of the buffalo whose stick was prevalent. When the right to live was taken away from each other on the basis of outdated ideas. That is, the girls were buried alive and the boys were allowed to live.

When the discoveries of science and research did not match the prevailing religious tendencies, the right to life was taken away from these scientists. Even today, only Israel has the right to treat Muslims as it pleases. India has the right to turn the whole of Kashmir into a penitentiary. Even the United Nations, which is not only a champion of human rights but also a defender of those rights, has been silent on the blood and humiliation of humanity in Palestine, Kashmir and Burma as if it is happening with its regular will and consent. All of this is against the world's own established standards and criteria.

The United States is starving Afghanistan and there is an opportunity for a civilized world and a modern civilization to raise its voice. In India, regular Hindu groups collectively take a public oath not to deal with Muslims. Certified men and women from well-known schools around the world are committing daily crimes against humanity in various places which cannot be considered as acceptable in any way. Despite this, the international organizations established in the name of truth and justice are not ready to back down even an inch from their level. Many people may not know that Abu Jahl was formerly called Abu Lalam because before the resurrection of the Holy Prophet, his parrot was spoken among the infidel chiefs of Makkah which was a source of ignorance. 

When Islam began to spread the light of knowledge, his ignorance was exposed and he became Abu Jahl. Ignorance means the division of humanity on absurd grounds that have nothing to do with facts. The division of the people for which the argument is based on Salafi sentiments and ideas such as bullying, rigging, oppression and barbarism and hatred and contempt instead of justice and equality is the name of knowledge, lordship of the Lord of the worlds and obedience to the mercy of the worlds. It is not about dividing humanity, it is about strengthening it. It is the development and prosperity of the whole of humanity, not the prosperity of a single class or race.

Why? Because He is the Lord of all. Whether one believes in Him or not, He is his Lord. He causes the sun to rise daily for all.

The Qur'an declares, "Can the learned and the ignorant be equal?" We have all sorts of corruption in our own homes, from communities and communities to institutions. All these things are not knowledge, they show ignorance. These words only show that ignorance reigns all over the world at a time when obscenity is on the rise in the twentieth century and public knowledge is on the rise. Interpreting from afar. Knowledge that does not change one's character is not ignorance. Now you decide whether the world is ruled by knowledge or ignorance? May God be our supporter and helper. Amen.

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