Saudi Arabia helps connect Afghanistan to the world Taliban ambassador thecapitaldebates

The Afghan Taliban's ambassador to Pakistan praised the OIC summit, saying it had helped Afghanistan reach out to the outside world, and appreciated Saudi Arabia's efforts to provide significant humanitarian assistance to the country.

Saudi Arabia helps connect Afghanistan to the world: Taliban ambassador
Saudi Arabia helps connect Afghanistan to the world: Taliban ambassador

According to Arab News, Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis after the Taliban took control of Kabul in mid-August, due to which the United States and other donor countries cut off financial aid and separated Afghanistan from the global financial system. Had given

A special meeting of OIC foreign ministers was held in Islamabad on December 19. This extraordinary meeting of the OIC on the situation in Afghanistan was convened by Saudi Arabia. The meeting was also attended by Europe and five permanent members of the Security Council.

At the end of the meeting, OIC member states agreed to establish a trust to provide assistance, appoint a special envoy and work with the United Nations in Afghanistan. The new Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Sardar Ahmad Khan Shakib, told Arab News that "this (OIC meeting) was a means of communication to connect Afghanistan to the world.

Through the OIC conference, we have been able to show the world a true picture of the situation in Afghanistan," he said. Showed more generosity than During the OIC session in Islamabad, he promised to deposit one billion Saudi riyals in the OIC fund for Afghanistan.

Similarly, through the King Salman Relief Center, aid was immediately sent to two or three Afghans due to their poor economic condition. Saudi Arabia is a very co-operative country and has helped more Afghans than any other OIC member, he said.

He said six aid ships were sent to Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia to help the Afghans, while aid was also provided by land through Shah Salman's Humanitarian and Relief Center.

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