Salmon fish Javeed Ch latest article by thecapitaldebates

An acquaintance of mine lives in Islamabad, spent thirty years in Norway, retired and settled in Islamabad, Allah Almighty gave him a nice house, two cars and eight employees, life was going very well, in his youth He earned and invested. Pension would also come from Norway, so he would walk twice in the morning and evening, in the evening he would sit in the club with his wife, eat food, drink tea and come back to sleep.

Salmon fish Javeed Ch latest article by thecapitaldebates
Salmon fish Javeed Ch latest article by thecapitaldebates

It was their routine but then I saw a change in their routine, the employees became eight to four, the car was left one, the clubs stopped coming and going and the meetings with friends started getting interrupted. The day before, when I asked him the reason for this change, he smiled and said, "I can't afford Javed Sahib." I looked at him in surprise. He said, "Inflation is very high. Unable to do so, I parked the car first, the second driver was extra because the car was the same.

I apologized to him, there was a helper in the kitchen with the waitress, I fired him too, there was a waiter in the house, I felt that he too was useless, the waitress gives us food, Begum took him out too. Diya, there were two watchmen, one of them is left, now there is only a cleaner boy and financially left, we are also thinking about them and I was also telling Begum yesterday that if we rent this house "And if we shift to the flat itself, we will save the salaries of the other four employees and our security, electricity, gas and petrol costs will be reduced."

I laughed and said "This is great, you are moving towards simplicity and simple lifestyle is always useful" He also laughed and then looked at me seriously and said Shaukat Tareen is feeling and my heart is longing for me to go ahead and kiss your hand. "I looked at him in amazement. He said, Eight families were bridging because of me.

They had food, clothing, warm water and clean housing, their parents were getting medicine and their children were getting education but when my taxes went up, I was under financial pressure and I lost my employees. They and their families took to the streets. My wife and I used to go to coffee shops every day, eat at clubs. The government also increased taxes on club members, restaurants and coffee shops. Off-budget and we also reduced the number of visits to coffee shops, restaurants and clubs. When their income decreased, they also started downsizing.

If they were giving jobs to twenty people, now eight or ten of them will be reduced. Who suffered the loss? To the poor, the government is now raising taxes on salmon fish, dog and cat food and canned food. I am buying salmon fish at Rs. 5,000 per kg and it is very expensive. I eat fish at Rs. 30,000 per month. Yes, government spokespersons taunt me and people like me every day but the question is who are the people who sell salmon fish and canned food? Who cleans the fish, who cuts it.

Who works in canned food stores? Who cares if I have a German Shepherd or Husky or a Persian Cat Paul in the house? And who works in pet clinics? What do I do if I can't afford their food? I will not raise cats, dogs and parrots, so who will be harmed? The whole industry of "pet care" will be shut down. Remember, the poor are not supported by the government. Can't feed millions of people.

These are the affluent people of the society who take money from their capital and spend it on the downtrodden. The government is currently giving health cards to the whole country. It will also give food subsidy to 20 million families but the question is. Where will the money come from for the government? Are the government mountains of gold or have our lands slipped away to Saudi Arabia, so where will the money for the Ehsas program come from? This money will come from the taxes of the rich and if we do not work, if we do not have the money then where will we pay taxes? Where will the government get the money and where will it get the health card and food subsidy? So you are all touching the extremes of madness and stupidity, you always cut the branch on which the whole society sits. I laughed and said, "There's a tyrant inside you talking," he said anxiously. Carries the burden of the world.

Today, if only Apple or Microsoft were to shut down, there would be a grand recession in the United States, and the effect of this recession would extend to China. If it happens then it will not think for a minute when we wake up every day and the whole country from the Prime Minister to the peon starts abusing the rich, industrialists and business men. While the whole world makes the rich richer by pushing the heel.

The United States currently has 724 billionaires, China is a communist country, there are 698, Russia was a communist until 1990, but today, in just 30 years, there are 117 billionaires, and there are 237 billionaires in neighboring India, all of whom have become richer in a few years If the Emirate was worse than the Emirate, then why didn't these countries stop them? Because they know that these people are benefactors of the whole world, if they have wealth they will invest more, investment will create jobs, more jobs will create jobs and employment will end poverty in the society. There will be and there will be an increase in the revenue of the government but every time we insult the rich man, increase the tax on him and discourage him who is arranging employment in the country.

The one who is making money in the country. He paused and laughed. I ask you a question. Tell me, what will you do if you have more money? I thought for a while and replied, I will increase the number of employees, buy cars, build a new house and spend it to the fullest. He laughed and said, Who will benefit from this? To the government and the poor, I replied. The government will get more taxes and the poor will get more jobs. "They clapped their hands.

Even if you don't spend money, you will keep your wealth in the bank or invest it in property and even then this wealth will burn the stoves of hundreds of people. If you stop salmon, people will change their habits and so on. Those who cut fish, unload fish, collect rent and collect taxes will become unemployed, some people in the country will become more unemployed.

In your country, KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan Rs 66,000, Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sardar Dost Mohammad Mazari and Irrigation Minister Mohsin Leghari Rs 1,000 each, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar Rs 2,000, Energy Minister Hamad Azhar Rs 29,000, Shahbaz Sharif 82. Rs. 1 lakh, Asif Zardari Rs. 22 lakh, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Rs. 5 lakh, Shah Mehmood Qureshi Rs. 8 lakh and Fawad Chaudhry Rs. And on the other hand, you are slaughtering those who run the country.

You are setting a precedent for taxpayers and employers. You have collected donations all your life. But now you are setting a precedent for donors. How will this country function? "They stop and then say, 'Countries run when people get richer and richer, when people eat canned food, raise dogs and cats, and eat salmon every day, but what is our philosophy?' Abuse the rich, shut down his business and eliminate his purchasing power so that we can make a name for ourselves in poverty. I'm all hands down, no one upstairs. "They were silent, but I stared at them in amazement.

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