Russia slams U.S. provocation ahead of Lavrov-Blinken talks by thecapitaldebates

MOSCOW, Jan. 22 (Xinhua)The Russian Foreign Ministry on Saturday censured the U.S. Branch of State for distributing a reality sheet loaded with bogus data about Russia's strategy on Ukraine.

Russia slams U.S. provocation ahead of Lavrov-Blinken talks
Russia slams U.S. provocation ahead of Lavrov-Blinken talks

The Russian service in a discourse referred to the sheet as "a clear incitement" by Washington to distribute the "Reality versus Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine" simply a day prior to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met in Geneva on Friday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry gave article-by-article invalidation on the U.S. truth sheet, saying that since Dec. 15, 2021, when Moscow formally sent Washington its draft settlement and settlement on security ensures, the U.S. side has for the most part made clear endeavors to haul out conversations at master levels and in different organizations.

In the interim, the United States and its Western partners have sent off a "extremely harmful data and promulgation crusade" by portraying Russia as an "assailant," an "adversary of enlightened Europe" and a "danger" to the global soundness, the service said.

It likewise impacted the Western nations' "unlimited dangers of agonizing assents against Russia that are intended to drain our economy dry."

The Lavrov-Blinken exchanges in Geneva on Friday finished without any leap forwards in the foundation of legitimately restricting security ensures among Russia and the West, with the Ukrainian emergency as a center issue.

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