Open the box by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecapitaldebates

Nasr Totha lives in the village of Malapuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and drives a taxi. In early 2020, a woman was sitting in his taxi. Nasr humbly folded his hands and asked her "Sister you look upset to me, you tell me your problem, maybe I can help you.

Open the box by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecapitaldebates
Open the box by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | thecapitaldebates

On hearing this, the woman started crying loudly. Nasr reassured her. When the woman recovered a little, she said, "Tomorrow my daughter is getting married. We are poor people. We are not buying wedding dress for our daughter." Yes, I went to a loved one for help but he refused, I don't know what to do now? " The daughter of a friend of his was married.

The friend had given the daughter a pair of ten thousand rupees, this pair must have been spared by the daughter now and if I take it from her and give it to this woman, this family will come out of trouble, Nasr told the woman. Reassured, he took her address and said to her, "You go home satisfied, I will deliver you the wedding dress by evening." The woman began to look at him with wet eyes. Discussed, the friend was a good man, he agreed immediately.

They both went to the daughter's house, told her the issue, the daughter had the pair lying around, she immediately took it out of the trunk, Nasr went to the dry cleaner, he was also her friend, he dried the pair for free. Cleaned and Nasr took the pair to the woman's house before evening. When the family saw the pair, they were overjoyed. The family took turns kissing Nasr's hand. Nasr was overjoyed Millions of families in our country go through this problem, I thought, if I try I can solve this problem of at least a few thousand needy people. Founded a very interesting NGO in Tamil Nadu by the name of

Nasr Totha mentioned this incident to his friends this evening. These people sat and thought that every bride in our country needs a wedding dress. Couples are expensive and poor families cannot bear their financial burden. The pair is used only for one day, the bride takes off the dress on the wedding night and then does not wear it again and this whole life is lost lying in the trunks, if we try we can collect their wedding couple from the brides Dry-cleaning, ironing and giving to poor girls can lead to millions of marriages.

All the friends decided that we open the box of our own house, collect the couples and distribute among the needy and then see the result, Nasr started collecting wedding couples from the houses of his friends the next day. So he got ten pairs in two days, rented a shop in the bazaar, packed the pairs dry-cleaned and ironed, wrote the size on them and put up a "dress bank" sign outside the shop and At the same time, he announced on Facebook, "If your daughter or sister is getting married and you can't afford the wedding dress, you can take the pair with us for free." People contacted and all the couples left by this evening.

The "dress bank" was empty on the first day. "What shall we do now?" Nasr Totha and his companions sat down that evening and asked each other. All the friends decided that we reach out to married people through social media, collect wedding couples from them and distribute it to the needy, Nasr and his friends created a message for Facebook and Posted on social media.

The person who received this message immediately remembered, I was also married, he also had a couple and my wife buried that couple in a box the very next day, people opened the old box, the wedding couple Taken out, rented dry-cleaned, ironed and packed and sent to Nasr, the wedding bank was stocked with wedding couples, 300 couples were collected in a week, this problem was solved, then a new problem arose, needy Contacting remote areas. 

Nasr said that if the couple couriered them, they would need a fair amount of money and a modest taxi driver could not bear the financial burden. Why invite? He would buy from his own pocket, friends sat down again and started looking for a solution and late at night this solution was also found.

These people went to the bus station the next day, met the bus owners, told them about their dress bank and asked them if you please deliver our couple free of cost, the poor people will be better off, bus owners Accepted immediately, these people now take "orders" through WhatsApp, pack the wedding dress and hand it over to the bus driver and send the bus driver's phone number, bus number and time to the needy and the needy. Arrive at the bus stop on time and get your suit from the driver.

The NGO was formed in April 2020. It has so far donated 300 wedding suits while 800 suits are ready with them. All the suits are worth five thousand to fifty thousand rupees. He does not take it back, but he does instruct them, "Don't waste this suit after marriage, you will give it to someone in need, it is possible that another mother like you is upset." Take the instructions seriously, send these suits to someone else in need or return them.

This is a small encyclopedia of a poor taxi driver, this step taught the people of Tamil Nadu a new way of welfare, you should remember that societies are always healed by small virtues and encyclopedias like dress bank, you Also read these lines and think, how many fancy dresses did you and your wife make when you got married or how many expensive suits did you say goodbye to your sister or daughter, wedding suits in our country are usually thirty Starting from Rs 40,000 to Rs 5 million, these suits last for a few hours, but as soon as the bride and groom enter the room, the value of these suits disappears.

You wonder for a moment where those suits of yours went? I'm sure you won't even remember, I'm sure if you find them they will be disgraced in some box or cupboard and they will be lost there disgraced, now the question is What is the use of this extravagance? Why don't you take out this suit and give it to someone in need? And if you are doing this good deed then why don't you make a small CNGO like Nasratotha?

You also collect wedding couples from the homes of friends, create a dress bank and go to help the needy and if you are doing this then why are you limited only to the dress bank? Why don't we build a cycle bank? Old bicycles are being degraded in all our homes, these bicycles can be used by hundreds of people, our children have grown up, their toys are lying in storerooms, why don't we take them out and call them "Twice Bank" Make?

Our homes are stocked with junk, old furniture, old shoes, old blankets, comforters, sheets, clothes, umbrellas, tires, motorbikes, windows, doors and curtains, why don't we build their bank? Remember that the things we consider useless are the aspirations of the lives of tens of millions and even crores of people, the whole generation of people goes out of the realm of life in their desire.

Why don't we empty our stores, boxes and belts and fulfill their wishes, their wishes, so wherever you are and whatever you are, you become a Nussrah and in this country, "open the box, empty the cupboards and clean the storeroom." Run two campaigns, make small banks of small virtues in this country, believe me these banks will change the destiny of this country, pakistan will really change, it will become new pakistan.

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