Omi Cron cases rise in Europe, US, 'sanctions last resort latest report by Rana Wiki

With more than 100,000 corona cases reported in the UK in a single day, the health minister has said sanctions against the virus will be imposed as a "last resort". According to the AFP news agency, 163,000 new cases were reported in the UK on Saturday, but the government has refused to ban social gatherings and large-scale celebrations

Omi Kron cases rise in Europe, US, 'sanctions last resort latest report by Rana Wiki
Omi Kron cases rise in Europe, US, 'sanctions last resort latest report by Rana Wiki

The government's orders are limited to England, while other parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, have been banned since Christmas. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the new data does not justify new sanctions.

British Health Minister Sajid Javed said: "Restrictions on our freedom should be a last resort and the British people expect us to do our best not to do so. We should try to stay with the virus," he said, referring to the health, social and economic costs of the lock down.

With a record increase in corona virus cases, the number of patients admitted to the hospital is slightly lower, which is expected to make Omi Crone less severe than previous variants. Last month, the government made it mandatory to wear masks in most places in England, while using code passes for working from home and attending big events other than nightclubs. However, the government has so far refused to impose further sanctions.

The British government is content with a vaccination program to deal with corona, under which every young person is given a third dose, while 60 per cent of the population is given a booster shot for the vaccine. Chris Hopson, head of the British National Health Service (NHS), said the government should be prepared to impose new sanctions if needed.

On the other hand, in view of the rapid spread of Corona in the United States, experts have warned that changes in daily life may occur. The figures released this week have broken the record of at least four previous cases. Over the past week, more than 386,000 new cases have been reported on a daily basis, the highest level ever recorded.

Dr. Megan Rene, a professor of emergency medicine at Brown University in the United States, told CNN television: Because many of us are sick. More than 4,090,000 new corona cases have been reported in Europe in the past week, while the corona epidemic in 17 European countries has broken all previous records.

One million new corona cases were reported in France last week, accounting for 10 percent of all positive cases since the outbreak began. According to AFP, only 61% of Europe's population is fully vaccinated, while 65% of the population is partially vaccinated.

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