Murder in Murree, inquiry committee will find answers to which 8 questions thecapitaldebates

Seven questions have been put before a Punjab government committee set up to probe the deaths of 23 tourists trapped in vehicles during heavy snowfall at the tourist destination of Murree. The inquiry committee formed after the visit of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar to Murree on Sunday has a total of five members. According to the notification issued, the convener of the inquiry committee will be Additional Chief Secretary Punjab Zafar Nasrullah. Additional Secretary Punjab Farooq Mazhar along with two secretaries of Punjab government Ali Sarfraz and Asad Gilani. Committee members will be able to add one more member.

Murder in Murree, inquiry committee will find answers to which 8 questions thecapitaldebates
Murder in Murree, inquiry committee will find answers to which 8 questions thecapitaldebates

The terms of reference of the inquiry committee are also given in the notification. The committee will look for answers to these eight questions whether the relevant departments like district administration, police, traffic police, C&W, NHA, NDMA, P.D. MA etc. have any joint plan to avoid crisis situation?

The second question put before the committee for inquiry is whether any travel advisory was issued through print, electronic and social media asking the citizens to refrain from traveling to Murree. The third question is whether any steps have been taken in recent days to regulate or control the entry of large number of vehicles and tourists into Murree in view of the situation.

The inquiry committee will also look into the answer to the question of whether vehicles entering Murree via Islamabad and Galyat routes were recorded and why more were not prevented from entering Murree when more than one vehicle entered Murree. went? One question is whether there was a plan in place to deal with the crisis. Snow removal machinery and vehicle removal lifters were activated?
The question before the inquiry committee is whether a control room was set up.

Are local hotels and guesthouses contacted to deal with emergencies?

How successful was the rescue operation? How many vehicles were evacuated and what was the shortcoming and negligence of the officers in this crisis? The inquiry committee has been asked to submit its report within seven days. Chief Minister Usman Bazdar also announced financial assistance of Rs 1.76 crore for the heirs of those killed in Murree.

According to a statement issued here, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said that it has been decided in principle to make Murree a district and officers of the posts of SP and Additional Deputy Commissioner would be posted in Murree immediately. Meanwhile, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said in a statement that the ban on entry of vehicles in Murree has been extended for another 24 hours. It may be recalled that on Saturday, 23 of the tourists stranded in Murree due to a blizzard died in their vehicles on which the federal and Punjab governments are facing severe criticism.

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