Is PubG game causing murder in Pakistan by thecapitaldebates

The murder of a female doctor and her three children in Lahore, Pakistan, has been solved, according to police. The killer of the whole family is none other than a boy of the same family. According to police, Ali Zain may be around 16 to 18 years old. Investigations so far have revealed that Ali Zain, who was playing a PubG game on the night between January 18 and 19 in Kahna area, was defeated during the game.

Is PubG game causing murder in Pakistan? by thecapitaldebates
Is PubG game causing murder in Pakistan? by thecapitaldebates

To avenge this defeat and to test his ability to kill, he decided to practice with his family.

Imran Kishore, SSP Investigation, Lahore Police, who is investigating the case, told Urdu News on Friday that the boy has always taken this game very seriously and we will find out during the interrogation.

Whenever he lost the game, he would suddenly shut up and stop eating and drinking, and even more seriously he would take the PubG game seriously. He lost the game that night and he didn't eat," he said. He woke up at half past one in the morning and pulled out his mother's pistol, which he knew where he had kept it, and killed his mother first. ‘

SSP Imran Kishore says the killing style was very professional. He knew in that look that the pistol would come and people would come. He fired a pistol from inside the pillow, which reduced the noise considerably. It was still enough for the inside of the house, but it was not enough for the people of the neighborhood to wake up.

Ali Zain killed his mother and his two sisters in the same way and his brother, who was in the other room, heard the voice and killed him in the same way," he continued. Killed. After killing the whole family, he went downstairs to his mother's clinic, where he slept, and when the maid came in the morning, he called at 15 and the police arrived on the scene. The police took him out of the clinic.

Police also registered an FIR in the case against Ali Zain as he was the only surviving member of the family.

How did the police suspect Ali Zain?

SSP Investigation Imran Kishore said that at first there was no doubt about it. The police were working on three aspects. One was that there might be no property problem as the house and clinic belonged to Naheed Mubarak who was Ali Zain's mother. The second aspect could be personal enmity and the third was honor killing because the woman's husband does not live with them.

All the evidence gathered by the police and forensic teams did not prove that the killer had come from outside," he said. There were not even fingerprints on the door or footprints entering the house from the outside. In the end, it was decided to question the child. 

When the police seriously questioned Ali Zain, various contradictions in his own statements alerted the police. According to SSP Investigation Imran Kishore, "after these discrepancies, he has no choice but to tell the truth." He then referred to the pistol where his fingerprints were found, thus bringing to light the real culprit of this horrific murder.

Is the pub g game the reason for the murder?

Lahore police has written a letter to IG Punjab after the incident in which it was recommended that a complete ban be imposed on Pub G game in Pakistan through PTA. We have good reasons to do so," says SSP Investigation Imran Kishore. This is not the first case. In the last two years, there have been about a dozen similar incidents across Punjab.

We suspect this kid is addicted to ice," he said. We've explored a dozen of these incidents. There are many things in common. In the year 2021, three children committed suicide in Lahore alone. Pub G was open on the mobile with their bodies. One of them was a child who committed suicide just because his family members had snatched his mobile phone from him.

According to Imran Kishore, "An incident similar to this happened when a young man intoxicated with ice broke into his neighbour's house and killed everyone and he was doing a pub G exercise on his behalf.

However, Raheel Iqbal, CEO of Games Storm Studios, a Pakistani sportswear company, believes that it is not right to mix computer games with violence. It is possible that there may be violence within the child and he may make an individual move in a state of mind. In our case, instead of going to the root of the problem, immediate results are drawn. Apart from India and Pakistan, you will never hear such news that someone got angry in the game and caused an earthquake in real life."

Raheel Iqbal says that Pakistani players have made a name for themselves in PubG and there are also serious players, but now it was being heard that a regular PubG tournament is being held in Pakistan.

I personally believe that the game should not be linked to violence unless there is evidence on a regular scientific basis. Psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr. Ibrahim Siavash also believes that it is very important to reach the triggers.

I don't think parents in Pakistan think their children's computer games are good and keep saying bad things to their children. This can be a big reason for anger and violence in children. It is true that games are addictive, but they do not combine real and imaginary scenes in the brain. ‘

How to play PubG game?

Computer games around the world are reaching the limits of innovation and have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Most games are now played online and through cloud computing. According to Raheel Iqbal, PubG is an online game in which more than 50 players enter the game at the same time. This game is hosted on the same server. All players are given different tasks and everyone's job is to kill each other. The winner is the one who kills everyone. "

He said that nowadays almost every big game is coming online. Whether you watch wrestling or take the example of any game, everyone is excited to win online. This is the future of the game.

When you start this game, you choose the imaginary character of your choice that becomes your identity within the game.

In Pakistan, PubG has also introduced a Turkish character named Ertugrul. According to experts, PubG puts Pakistan on the list of countries where it has the most serious players.

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