Dr. Aslam also left article by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

 "I need only two years from now, at least to train my kids, to make some home and office system."

There were tears in Dr. Aslam's eyes, I grabbed a cup of tea, took two sips, put the cup on the table and left, I came with him to the car I tried to reassure him but because he was a doctor he was well aware of his medical condition, he did not want to go to London but the children were under pressure to leave the next day. Yes, they came to me for the last meeting.

Dr. Aslam also left article by Rana Tanveer Iqbal
Dr. Aslam also left article by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

He left and I kept wiping my eyes for a long time. This meeting was really the last one. I had no contact with him for eight months. I didn't even ask the family on purpose. I didn't want to hurt them. His eldest son Ali's phone would ring or he would come and I would comfort him but we both knew that consolation is just consolation, these are hollow words, there is nothing in these hollow words, tomorrow Suddenly I got the message that Dr. Aslam has passed away, the body will come to Islamabad tomorrow and the funeral will be held immediately, I felt as if half of my own body was dead.

I first met Dr. Aslam in 1999, he was a friend of IG Chaudhry Ahmed Naseem and it was Chaudhry Sahib who sent him to me, this first meeting turned into a lasting friendship and he became my companion in every sorrow , Was self-made, father was a small farmer in a small village near Okara, was the only son of parents, studied with great difficulty, did MBBS and got a job in a small chicken coop, ten by ten There was a room, there were sacks of cement in it.

There was food for chickens and also Dr. Aslam's bed. They worked for a meager salary. He opened a small chicken coop with a thousand rupees, Allah Almighty took his hand and it became a poultry tie of Pakistan, you are eating eggs in any corner of Pakistan or the chicken will eventually belong to Dr. Aslam's company. Earn not billions but trillions of rupees, the company still has 6,000 employees.

Nature had endowed him with the ability of public relations, he was connected with whomever he met, from army to bureaucracy, from bureaucracy to judiciary and from judiciary to politicians, his relations were very wide, people People used to eat all kinds of sacrifices for them, I used to meet them every week, they used to come to me and we used to spend the whole winter day sitting in the sun, in summer. We used to sit under the trees.

He had all kinds of news in his pocket, General Raheel Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry all had their doors open for him because he knew the situation inside politics, God forbid. He was compassionate, had stipends for dozens of families, was running splendid schools in the village and was arranging marriages for hundreds of poor and orphaned girls. He used to say over and over again: Granted, I couldn't even imagine "Whenever I had a hard time, he would get up in the middle of the night and then he would sit shoulder to shoulder with me until that problem was solved." Man does not need influence and money, man needs man.

He considered every person who stood by him in trouble as his friend and he himself joined hands with friends and then did not care about any harm, loved his children immensely, got married. It was late so the kids were still young, the eldest son was studying at university, they didn't agree with my philosophy about kids, I told them your kids shouldn't have a job, sooner or later take over your business. So don't waste their time in colleges and universities.

Train them and put them to work as soon as possible but they did not believe it. They were persuaded to study first and then work. They used to stop me too. So they would sit down and "mislead" my two sons, the children would leave work and run to the universities and I would catch them and bring them back to work, they would gradually agree with me and The eldest son brought Ali to me.

My son wanted to study in London, I started explaining to Ali but Ali was stubborn, he said "I will be back in just two years". This series was going on. My stomach has been aching for a few days now, you know a good gastroenterologist, I arranged to see his gastroenterologist at Shifa Hospital, he went and the doctor referred him to a cancer specialist. Diya, that day was scary, Dr. Aslam came out of the fourth stage cancer patient, he immediately went to London, treatment started, stayed there for two months and came back, his health was a little better but there were still worries. One day he came to me with these concerns and we sat in the study for half a day, he was not mentioning his illness.

I wasn't even asking him about his health, he just asked for a cup of tea and just said "I considered life permanent, I went to the funerals of hundreds of people, buried dozens with my own hands but I died Not sure, I had been planning for ninety years, I thought my grandchildren and great-grandchildren would work with me, but now they are silent.

There were tears in my eyes, the cup of tea in Dr. Aslam's hand was trembling, I did not even think that Dr. Aslam could get sick, he ate less food, walked, was satisfied. He was also God fearing and his health was also ideal. He was 68 years old but he seemed to be ten years younger than him. He also read books and was interested in Sufism. There was a little pain and the whole course of life changed, Dr. Sahib wiped his eyes and said "Dude Javed if anything happens to me take care of my children" and got up holding tears.

That was my last meeting with him. Once we talked on the telephone, I asked for a meeting. He said in a weak voice, "Don't meet me, you will be sad." He did not want his friends to see him in this condition, but Hanif Abbasi reached him by force.

He also regretted after the meeting. He said that he was in a really bad condition. He had become dry and thorny. His face was full of wrinkles and his whole body had lost its hair due to chemotherapy. Sitting next to him, he kept telling them, "Pray to Allah Almighty to give me a respite of two years. I want to complete some of my unfinished business. Hanif Abbasi also kept praying and so did hundreds of thousands of his friends." But Allah Almighty did not allow them to step under the bed again. They left while lying on the bed. I was standing in the line of funeral. Looked from right to left and straightened me.

When the prayer started, I remembered a longing of Dr. Aslam, he also wanted to see the whole world with me, he wanted to buy this little plane and we both started to see the world from Latin America but unfortunately this wish also They were able to buy ships but they did not give them this respite. None of us know when and where nature can take away this respite from us. Will can be persuaded by the goodness of man.

Neither bravery, youth nor wealth, nature pulls the rope, then it does not relax and my friend and my companion of sorrow Dr. Aslam was the latest example of this power, he was lying in front of us and we were standing in line. We were reciting his funeral. None of us knew when we would go to his place, not even Imam Sahib. Life was beating to his right and left but he was far away from the line of life. He was calculating what he gained and what he lost in life.

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