Cyber attack on FBR, why hackers could not be traced? thecapitaldebates

The investigation into the hacker attack on the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) website has not yet identified the hackers, nor has anyone responsible for the website's security been found to be negligent or negligent.

Cyber attack on FBR, why hackers could not be traced? thecapitaldebates
Cyber attack on FBR, why hackers could not be traced? thecapitaldebates

The Federal Board of Revenue has told the Ministry of Information Technology that "like any other system connected to the Internet, cyber attacks are common. There are 71,000 daily attacks on the FBR website, and the number is constantly increasing. The main reason is that hackers have new tools.

According to the FBR, "Cyber ​​attacks on national days are on the rise and the August 14 cyber attack was one of a series of cyber attacks on any day of national importance." The FBR says that due to security protocols already in place on the website, the cyber attack was limited to the font of the data center, affecting only virtual machines.

The cyber-attack affected the day-to-day operations for a few days. According to a preliminary forensic team review, the storage area network, where users' data was stored, was not damaged. The FBR said in a statement that to date, there has been no evidence that the data of any consumer or taxpayer has been stolen or altered.

According to the FBR, an investigation into the cyber attack is under way and the services of an international cyber security firm have been sought. All the machines are being deeply scanned through these investigations to find out where the basic violations took place so that those responsible can be identified.

Once it is detected, steps will be taken to rectify it and a security audit will be conducted by a third party to detect any possible error in preventing such a cyber attack in the future." A comprehensive action plan has also been prepared in this regard, the implementation of which is being closely monitored. It is designed to enable services other than software and hardware to ensure the security of the website and user data. The ECC has also approved Rs 3,860 million for this purpose.

The Ministry of Information Technology has also stepped up its efforts to protect the websites and data of the FBR and other national agencies. According to the ministry, the National Cyber ​​Security Policy was implemented in December 2021 under which several important steps are being taken.

The Ministry has decided to form a National Computer Emergency Response Team under Digital Pakistan Cyber ​​Security for which Rs. 1.92 billion has been allocated. The recruitment of this team has been advertised and the scheme will be operational by June.

Under this, a Computer Emergency Response Unit Center will be set up, IT Security Audit, Capacity Building, Diagnosis, Prevention and Management of any Cyber ​​Attack and Digital Forensic Screening Laboratories will be set up. The rules for determining the role of stakeholders in this project are being finalized.

In addition, a hackathon will be organized soon to raise awareness about hacking, while policies, frameworks, plans and procurement of modern security tools will be planned keeping in view the cyber security requirements of the organizations. Being given

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