Crooked courtyard by Muhammad Waqas thecapitaldebates | latest article

The believers had once erected the whole mosque in one night. Allama Iqbal Sahib's motto will be remembered that the mosque was built by the people of faith throughout the night. The mosque in Shah Alami Chowk is still standing throughout the night. Surprisingly, people are not believing that our GDP has doubled overnight. 

Crooked courtyard by Muhammad Waqas thecapitaldebates | latest article
Crooked courtyard by Muhammad Waqas thecapitaldebates | latest article

If believers can build an entire mosque, including domes and mihrabs, in one night, then what is GDP? Double it, believers can also quadruple it overnight. It is the humility of the Prime Minister that he was content to say only 5.3. If he had wanted, he could have made Pakistan equal to India by stating 11% of GDP, but he did not do so. The thing happens.

People have become accustomed to challenging the "facts" while sitting up. One man was quoting the World Bank's latest report so far on TV which said that if Pakistan balances imports and exports and stabilizes in the energy sector, then this year ie 2022 Pakistan's GDP will be 3.5. May be. In this report, that is, in this line of the report, the words "if stabilized" and the number 3.5 may be needed to underline the "word of possibility" and not to make a circle around them.

You must believe in the promise of a true government and share in the happiness of congratulating it and reject this report of the World Bank, including its ugly essence. Sending three letters to some "anchors and anchors" sitting on TV, one should dance to the added joy that the government has revealed that not only has GDP doubled overnight, but the per capita income has increased by 200. Done Do not forget to put the first two pleasures on the right and left shoulder that cotton in Pakistan is 5 times cheaper than the rest of the world and that Pakistan is the cheapest country in the world.

Well, instead of giving thanks for the "cheapest fertilizer", Bilawal Mian has started protesting in the name of farmers' march. They need to be dealt with severely. Fertilizer is both cheap and plentiful, so the police have done a very good job of satisfactorily washing away the so-called inflation and more so-called scarcity of farmers. Along with the police, this noble deed is also attributed to the benevolent Chief Minister of Punjab, who according to a survey is the most popular Chief Minister. The survey is based on the fact that there was a small mistake. Surveys have shown him to be even more popular than the Prime Minister. Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

Fertilizer is five times cheaper. A sack of DAP is being found here at a little over ten thousand (meaning where or whoever is getting it) so does it mean that in the rest of the world it will be found at a little over Rs. 50,000? And it will be just as expensive in India. Indeed. However, Google will not allow you to search, for free. You will find lies written there. That in India a 50 kg sack of DAP fertilizer is worth Rs. 1100, a subsidy of Rs. If the Indian rupee is three times stronger than ours, then it is as if this price is three thousand rupees. Don't fall into the trap of 5 times less, no matter what. Patriotism demands that the Prime Minister should be honest and sincere in what he says.

Prime Minister has said three times or more than three times that Pakistan is the cheapest country in the world, but the people with the ultimate skull is not digesting this truth. Pakistan is the world's third most expensive country, according to the latest edition of The Economist. The first is Argentina and the second is Turkey. Both countries are far more developed than us (thanks to the rotation that now Bangladesh is also more developed than us and in the coming year maybe Afghanistan will also be called more developed than us) so the Ultimate Skull Economist gave us this list. The hegemony of violation of merit by including in is excessive. Successful Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should take this issue to the International Court of Justice and tell him that Holy Prophet, we are not the third most expensive country, we are the first cheapest country. Make Shahzad Akbar a lawyer. Hopefully justice will be done.

We have to adopt the Chinese model. The role model for Pakistan should be the model of Malaysia. I want to adopt the model of Sweden, the model of Saudi Arabia will be ideal in Pakistan. The North Korean model is the best. Our destination is the state of Madinah. This was the summary of three years, the prelude to the fourth year is to bring a presidential system. The title of the whole story can be kept crooked without dancing.

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