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 If you leave Jaranwala then after 25 km you come to the small town of Rodala. In Rodala a roadside cobbler has been repairing people's shoes for forty years, his name is Munawar Shakeel and he is a family cobbler, father Chuck 280 GB Manj used to make shoes. Munawar was his only son. He was 13 years old. His father died and the burden of mother and two sisters fell on his shoulders.

Cobbler by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | Thecapitaldebates | latest article
Cobbler by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | Thecapitaldebates | latest article 

Munawar took his father's tools, walked two kilometers to Rodala and sat on the side of the road. He sat for half a day. Diya, her first earning was lime, then walking, she has been repairing shoes in the same place for 39 years, in 40 years the world has changed but she has only been repairing shoes, she had another option?

There was no education, the only skill was shoe repair, the village was small and he was a cobbler, the land was not property, mother and two helpless sisters were responsible, so if Munawar Shakeel did not tie shoes What does He was wearing This is a common story, there are millions and even millions of such stories in this country. If you go to a city, a town or a village you will find millions of Munawar Shakeel and they are all going through the same situation but Munawar Shakeel's story I also have a twist and this twist formed the basis of this column.

Munawar Shakeel was addicted to poetry from his childhood. He used to read and listen to Punjabi poets. During this process of listening and reading, he started composing poetry. He could not afford to buy and there was no teacher to correct the poems, but he kept doing it, he did not give up, one of the eleven great secrets of the universe is the secret "meeting the seeker"

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “All that you strive for is with you. The same thing is said to the shepherd in the alchemist. Munawar Shakeel's intentions were good and his intentions were strong so one day a man came and started his training. There were also and heartache, they suddenly collided with Munawar Shakeel and then became part of the conspiracy of the universe.

Munawar Shakeel was now tying shoes, reciting poems and Master Bashir Hamid was correcting these poems, this series continued, Munawar Shakeel became a famous poet during this time The first book Soch Samandar came out in 2004, the second book Pardes Di Sangat 2005, Century De Bhit 2009, Chhora Dhap Gwachi 2011, Eyes turned to dust 2013 and now the sixth book does not even speak, it is the first cobbler of Pakistan. He has published six books.

Five of them are award-winning, but he still repairs roadside shoes in Rodala and earns eight hundred to one thousand rupees a day. He has seven children, five daughters and two sons, and three daughters. There are two virgins, one son broke the chain of education after matriculation, he is now sharing father's hand, the other is doing ICS When I called him yesterday, he was happy with his situation. So it has flowed into the stream of poetry, so I have no grievances, I have no claims. "

I have read thousands of biographies in my life, heard thousands of stories of self help, fat vision and work and I tell these stories to people under the circumstances but Munawar Shakeel's story is heavy on all these stories, all these stories. And this story proves that if a person wants to do something in life, he can become an award winning poet and writer by tying these shoes. If we want to do something in life, then social status, poverty, rural background and lack of education. There is no obstacle, we just have to prepare ourselves for the constant struggle and sometimes we reach the destination.

I read that man's profession and profession should be on the same wavelength, man can still live a good and successful life but Munawar Shakeel's case study shows that it is not necessary that you straighten your life to your wavelength. You can live by handling both the ball of prophecy and profession at the same time. Hold on, what difference does it make and I also learned that man should act according to his status.

If you have been honored by Allah or you have become famous or famous, then you should not do anything that would tarnish your honor or fame. If he recites poetry now, he will recite it in the court of Emperor of India Bahadur Shah Zafar or he will recite it in the court of Nawab Odh or Nawab of Hyderabad. Munawar Shakeel's story proved that if a person is hardworking and loves his job, he can make a profession like cobbler great and high.

There will be thousands of Punjabi poets in Pakistan, they will also be the owners of books and madmen but there is only one cobbler poet in the country and he did not try to hide his profession while reciting or reciting poetry all his life, he enlightened himself. Didn't say shoemaker or footwear master, he was connected with his profession and today his profession became honorable because of it, I salute Munawar Shakeel from the bottom of my heart, he is really a great man and the most successful person Is.

A man who could not even cover his social, educational and economic shortcomings, who overcame all the shortcomings that engulfed families and people and who did not give up his profession even after becoming famous, Not only did he associate himself with it, but he also associated his son with the profession. He is indeed a great man, greater than all the billionaires, professors and successful people of Pakistan.

We hold a defense parade in the country every year on March 23. We want to show the world, through this parade, a race towards satellite technology, biological warfare and drone warfare techniques. Tangkar is running the country. Today, if Saudi Arabia demands three billion dollars from us or the IMF does not give us one billion dollars despite rubbing its nose or the FATF blacklists us, then we will go bankrupt.

This is the status of our passport. We are ranked 108th out of 111 countries. The worst passports are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Congo, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Algeria, Bhutan, Rwanda The Ugandan passport is even stronger than ours and this is a sign of our potential. Even in a modern city like Murree and a 155 year old tourist destination, 23 people die in cars and we cannot save them and we cannot open Murree even after 15 days.

We have not been able to restore power to the oldest tourist destination in the country and we have made an agreement with the protesters by sacrificing police personnel on GT Road but we still want to send a message to the world that we are very strong and We are the most glorious nation, of course we keep doing this but at the same time accept that the real power of Pakistan is people like Munawar Shakeel, these are the people who are the real asset of Pakistan and reference to the country so why don't we parade them ?

Let us gather people like Munawar Shakeel from all over the country, parade them on the highway constitution and all the powerful personalities of the country salute them so that we can tell the world that we are not what you think, we are what you think. No, we are Munawar Shakeel and another request, if any person in the country is entitled to any National Literary Award, it is this person. So that this message can go to the world, if man wants, he can make a profession like cobbler great with his hard work.

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