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 There is no doubt that letters are very effective and accents are even more effective. The advice of an elder, a speech by a motivational speaker or a sentence from a book, even if it makes us emotional, takes us to the brink of action. Our boat reaches the edge of the process but the next step is connected to our caste. One of our steps can get us into the world of action and the obstacle to our success is the one step that takes us out of the boat of conversation and brings us to the edge of action.

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Book and guide by Muhammad Tanveer Iqbal | tehecapitaldebates

Yesterday I was watching a video in which a 25 year old man has opened a cafe in the back of the car. According to this young man he got this idea from internet, but I think thousands of such ideas millions of young people search on google or youtube etc., but the difference between this boy and these millions of young people is this one step. Is what brought him out of the boat of conversation and into the world of action.

According to the young man, he was employed at a cafe and received a salary of Rs 30,000, but now he is earning more than Rs 100,000 a month and plans to set up six more similar stalls soon. I am sure that this boy will soon succeed in this goal as he has now entered the world of action. Whether it's the writing on the walls or the story of a successful person, studying the ways to succeed in a book or the habits of successful people never leads to success. Of course, a direction or path must be found, the real thing is action.

Grandfather Abu used to tell a story. A woman was about to get divorced. The only reason was that she did not work on time and started counting tasks as soon as she woke up in the morning. How can I do so many things as the day goes by in the same thought? The woman's father came to her house. At night he said, "Son, make everyone's bed, now fill the pitcher with water, now wash the dishes, now feed the animals, etc., etc. Now sleep comfortably." The woman was amazed that today all the work has been done so quickly and it is time to go to bed.

I woke up my daughter in the morning, my son, pray, now take out the milk, now make everyone's breakfast, now clean, now go to sleep for an hour. The woman was surprised that today was the time to go to bed. The elders stayed for three or four days and then returned. As he left, he said, "Son, you used to think of working, while working ends with thinking, not thinking." If you look at the whole incident, the elder here also gave a direction to the woman, gave way, the rest of the woman had her own action. If she hadn't acted, she would have been in the boat of conversation.

So friends, it's just a step that takes you out of the wrestling boat and into the world of action. " But your boat keeps spinning around the shore. " Whether it's the angle "Ashfaq Ahmed" book, motivational speaker or teacher, it all gives man only one direction, as long as we are in the boat of conversation and pass through here blindly instead of stepping on the island of action. Until then, nothing changes in our lives.

Just listening and reading is not enough, just starting to act on them from time to time brings positive changes in life. The best motivational speaker is also present in us. If we listen to it and act on it, then what is impossible becomes possible. May Allah Almighty grant you happiness and success in the new year.

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