Before dying and killing of Wajiha Swati | Muhammad Waqas | Thecapitaldebates

Wajiha Swati was 46 years old and hailed from Abbottabad. She had an MBA. She married Dr. Bashir Al-Mahdi, the greatest cardiologist in the United States and moved to the United States. He started a company and started a business. He started coming and going to US, Pakistan and Dubai. He also bought a lot of property. He was on a business visit to Dubai in 2014. Suddenly he met Rizwan Habib and fell in love with him. Done.
Before dying and killing of Wajiha Swati | Muhammad Waqas | Thecapitaldebates
Before dying and killing of Wajiha Swati | Muhammad Waqas | Thecapitaldebates 

Dr. Bashir Al-Mahdi became the victim of targeted killing during this period. Wajiha married Rizwan Habib after her bejeweled. Wajiha had three sons. He lived with his mother in the United States.

She came to Pakistan in early 2021, there was a quarrel and she went back to America, she went to America and blocked her husband's number, she had a house of Rs. 11 crore in DHA Rawalpindi Rizwan Habib did not even want to give a house and wanted to extort money from him.

She arrived in Islamabad on October 16, 2021. Rizwan picked her up from the airport and took her home. There was a fight between the two and Rizwan killed her by stabbing and strangling her. Arrived, called his father from Hangu, handed over the body to him and returned home, the father took the body to the village of Sultan, a family servant, they both dug a pit in the house of Sultan's sister, buried the body and went back to the village.

Wajiha's eldest son Abdullah kept trying to contact his mother but his mother's phone kept ringing off the hook. He contacted Rizwan's sisters, who replied, "Your mother did not come to us." When it did not arrive, Abdullah filed a report of disappearance in the police station through his lawyer. The police called Rizwan for a light interrogation and wrapped the file and sat down.

Abdullah approached the court, the judge summoned the police, the police had no concrete reason not to investigate, the judge arrested the culprit by December 30 and ordered the investigation to be completed. The embassy also became active. The diplomat met CPO Rawalpindi Sajid Kayani. He is a very intelligent and experienced police officer. He started his own investigation.

Rizwan Habib was arrested, he remained in police custody for three days, he had the answer to every question of the police, this thing made him suspicious, the police caught his father and brought him back The day he confessed his crime, Rizwan said, my father had told me that anyone can be killed in Pakistan for 50 thousand rupees, you pay this money and get rid of it so I did Wajiha. Rizwan's body was found at the scene, a murder weapon was found and Rizwan's father and employees were also arrested, Rizwan revealed. "I wanted to seek political asylum in Poland after the murder. He had arranged to go to Poland but was caught before fleeing. "

Wajiha Swati's case is constantly being discussed in the media these days, the police are investigating on a daily basis and things are also coming to light on a daily basis, so far three things have come to light from the investigation, marriage love But the flame of love cooled down and there was discord between the husband and wife. The wife did not want to live with the husband but the husband wanted to keep her with him in any case. Secondly, he wanted to grab the wife's land, property and money.
He also wanted to take possession of the DHA house and the third reason was that his father incited him and it flowed in hatred, the employee Sultan also became greedy and he took the responsibility of disposing the body and Thus, the woman lost her life. If we take these reasons for granted, then the question arises, what did the woman, her husband and father get out of this whole game? The woman lost her life while saving her property, her husband was arrested for murder in greed for property and her father also became a partner in greed in old age, both of them will now face death penalty and life imprisonment He will be the victim of litigation or someone else will take over, so who got what?

Humiliation, humiliation, death penalty and life imprisonment! Who got what? If these people, on the contrary, would sit together, discuss their disputes, their issues with each other, Rizwan Habib's father would play the role of elder, employee Sultan would refuse to assist in the murder case, then all these people Surviving, the husband would settle the property and divorce the wife. If the wife gave the house to the husband, it would be fine, otherwise he would have picked up his belongings and started the journey of life from scratch. If the house was sacrificed, all people would be saved from humiliation and disgrace and even from pointless death. It does not look left or right and thus it eventually drowns and dies.

I give examples of Europe and America again and again, my friends also give me taunts of defeat from Europe but the fact is that Europeans are aware of the realities of life so they do not fight with each other on such issues. Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, divorced in May 2021 after a long friendship of 27 years. It was the most expensive divorce in history. Had to pay assets.

Pakistan's total financial reserves are 24 24 billion. Bill Gates gave us three times more money in divorce. Bill Gates could have saved this money if he had wanted to. But he gave her divorce and money instead and they both separated their four pies What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there?

Beneficially, Bill Gates is happily focusing on his work and Melinda is working on the foundation with full focus, even though she would have gone mad if she had chosen another path. And their work would have been ruined and it was quite possible that both of them would have committed suicide by the end of one or the other case, so what happened then? I advise you to divorce each other in case of domestic disputes, divide money and property, decide on formula for meeting children and run ahead in life's journey, fight in hatred and greed, die and What needs to be destroyed?

I often ask people to sit alone in a room and decide whether life is good or real estate, whenever you think of suicide or come up with a formula for killing or harming someone. Your decision will definitely be in favor of life so you take yourself to zero, whatever the other party asks of you you give it and start life anew, maybe this is the leg from which you get When can it be cured?

If you have to die, drown in the well of life, what is the need to be trapped and if you have to kill another, separate from it and kill it with a glorious and successful life, to kill it with a knife. What is the need and if you are the father of Rizwan Habib then you are playing the role of father. Why are you becoming a hired killer? Remember that everything in the world remains in the world, so do not harm yourself for anything and do not harm anyone, if there is life then there is everything, if there is no life then there is nothing.

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