Without reading of books the capital debates latest article 2022 by Muhammad Jameel

I was asking, Amir Timur conquered 42 countries in his life, also looted immense wealth, Timur's biographers write that he used to load his wealth on horses and donkeys and these hundreds of donkeys and horses would reach Samarkand in a row and this One campaign was rich. He was also a world famous conqueror, he spent fifty years of his life playing with the sword. He was also one of the few people in the world who could work with both hands at the same time. He carried a sword in one hand and other. And he could write with both hands with his left hand and he also had an amazing memory, he never forgets what he once heard and read, all these achievements, all these achievements were reduced to dust. His lost wealth and his 42 conquered lands became the livelihood of the land, but one of Timur's things survived the ravages of time and it was his handwritten book, his biography "I am Timur. "Amir Teymour probably wrote the book in Persian. It is an incomplete book, which died in 1405, and was first published in Britain in 1783, in the form of a manuscript. I translated and it has been published for 229 years and is constantly being read.

Without reading of books the capital debates latest article 2022 by Muhammad Jameel
Without reading of books the capital debates latest article 2022 by Muhammad Jameel

This is basically the greatness of the book, knowledge and the book does not decline, the kingdoms of people like Timur are destroyed in the world but the pages that come out of their hands are not lost, they remain in the world as long as The thirst of the readers remains, the only difference between the literate and the illiterate person is the book. The writings of people like Amir Teymour make a difference in the world of illiteracy, and nature keeps these books alive to maintain that distinction. If you analyze societies, you will find peace, tranquillity, quality of life, tolerance, happiness and spiritual bliss in all those societies where books are read more often than in countries where books are less printed, where libraries are missing. Are. There is also spiritual tension, there is grief and anger, there is also a lack of endurance, restlessness and unrest and the people there are uncomfortable despite all the blessings of life. Take a look around you and you will find thousands of people on your right and left who have all the grace of Allah Almighty, they are also rich, Honorable, influential, healthy and powerful but still There is no colour in their life, you will always find people bored and complaining, the main reason is distance from books, you can get everything in life but you can't enjoy these things without books, Books add juice, fun and flavor to your achievements. If the books were not bigger than the military victories, power and wealth, then the famous warriors, conquerors, kings and rich people of the world would not have written or would not have written books. Take a look at the profiles of successful people from all over the world from Alexander the Great to Bill Gates, you will see every great and successful person in the world leaving a book Analysis of its failures as well as the realities of life and unless we study these books, we will not be able to get to the real aspects of life, success and failure.

Reading is a habit and this habit has to be inculcated regularly like any other habit. Unless you make the book a part of your daily routine, you will not bring it into the discipline of life, books will not become your habit till then. People in Europe get used to books before enrolling children in school, they take the children to bookshops, buy them small books, take them to the library and get them books from there. They also make it a habit to carry a book with them when they leave home. If you ever went to Europe, America or any other developed country, people would read to you sitting in trains, buses, bus stops and parks. You will see a newspaper in the hand of each person or book and wherever he can find a place he will sit down and open the book or newspaper and start reading. The first edition of most books in Europe and the United States consists of one million copies, and their subsequent publication reaches millions. The population of the United States is 313.8 million, but there are also books that have been published in the number of forty, forty million. Can read statistics. 

Those who are keen on English should buy Urdu as well as English books because Europe and America are far ahead of us in knowledge. We should also get our children accustomed to books. We should buy books for young children and keep asking them about books from time to time. One should also go to the shops and buy books for all the members of the household from there. It is true that books like other necessities are getting expensive but despite being expensive they are still cheaper than clothes, shoes and frying pan meat. If you buy a shoe from the market, only you can use it, your son or wife can't wear your shoe, in the same way you can't come out wearing your wife's shoe but the book you bought is yours Wife and children can read too, your wardrobe of clothes and shoes will run out, your clothes, shoes and food will become old but books will not be old and old for the rest of your life. 

Will We also make toilets and kitchens in homes and offices. We should make a study or a small library with them, even if it is not possible in our house, we can make one or two bookshelves by the window of our house, we can make a table and a We can keep the chair and declare it as our study. We can keep both the rosary and the book with us while leaving the house. The rosary will connect us to the Almighty. Keep reciting Tasbeeh while doing it and as soon as you get a chance to sit, open the book, it will also save our time and we will also be safe from useless activities and nonsense. One way to acquire knowledge is to ask a question. Four thousand questions arise in our minds every day. If we keep a small diary in our pocket and write down every question in this diary and as soon as we get a chance we will read books, internet and scholars. Finding answers to these questions can increase our knowledge base. 

If we spend a few hours a week in literate people, it will also increase our knowledge. But these literate people are from a certain class. No, they should be scientists, historians, writers, religious scholars, bureaucrats and politicians so that you can have all kinds of knowledge, if you meet the same kind of people every time you The thinking of will be limited and limited thinking is more dangerous than ignorance. You also watch TV for a while every day and also a half standard movie a week, read daily newspaper and also use internet because it is also a great source of knowledge. Remember you have only two options, you live like an illiterate animal that eats, drinks and leaves the world while producing children or lives like an educated person who lives by eating, drinking and having children. Also finds purpose, which makes the process of eating, drinking and producing children purposeful and wonderful and this process is not possible without books, life without books is like a sour mango, in which everything happens Yes, but it doesn't taste good.

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