Why is there so much silence by Muhammad Waqas

The great Athenian democrat, administrator and preacher, Pericles, when invited to speak at the funeral of the Greek heroes who fought for his country on the battlefield, said in his speech, "People! The greatness of Athens! Recognise, be capable of it, love it, see the blood of these martyrs has made his face glow, he knew his duties, he should not be inferior to his standard He gave his life to make up for this deficiency. This was his last and best gift and he also sacrificed it on the altar of his homeland. He died so that we and our city could live. There is an everlasting spring that never falls.

Why is there so much silence by Muhammad Waqas
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They tracked down the most worshipped burial chamber not the stone burial place in which their bones are covered, the burial place of the heart in which their recollections are indisputable and which consistently inspires people to think and act and speak and write. Will remain

The whole world is a memorial to the martyrs, not just the books that are on their tablets. His memory will always live on in the minds and hearts of the people and it will continue to increase in time, now it is up to you to follow him and do the same. Comprehend that joy depends on your opportunity and opportunity relies upon your boldness.

There is no weakness in your determination in the face of dangers. Those who look at death with contempt are neither unfortunate nor humiliated, nor are they deprived of high character. Every reasonable man finds the humiliation more painful because of his own fault or laziness, and welcomes the death that inevitably befalls him on the battlefield when he The spirit of patriotism prevails so I will not express sympathy to the parents of the martyrs but congratulate them. They know very well that this world is loaded with opportunities for change and advancement That they should forfeit their lives on the raised area of honour and respect as these saints did, you should grieve them with full poise.

His life was at such a high level where death and happiness are embraced. Are eternal Money is of no use in old age, but the honour which you get in your home, in your own country, from your peers and fellows.

Every word of Pericles's speech is screaming and shouting at us. Am I not true? Tell 22 crore people of Pakistan, am I not true? Yes, yes, you are all true. I testify Do you also testify to this, my 220 million compatriots, say for God's sake answer why there is such silence? Why is it so senate? God, break your silence, let your lips be free, let them tell the truth.

This silence has kept you in torment. Your silence is your real crime. If it is true then why don't you testify. There is a famine of truth. After all, why is there a famine in our country? Has our land become so barren? Are we just used to lying?

Do we find solace in lying? Isn't it true that as soon as we hear the truth, our nature begins to deteriorate and foam starts coming out of our mouths? The truth-teller runs away like a horn from a donkey's head. We are intoxicated with stories like our forefathers used to be intoxicated with the stories of Alif Laila, Uran Khatula, Allah Din Ka Chirag. After that Naseem Hijazi's historical novel, Tarzan's story, three women three stories, Khalid bin Waleed, Mahmud Ghaznavi's deeds, Mughal kings were engaged in fiction. We have become a very interesting nation.

About us Qarat-ul-Ain Haider has written the truth in his novel River of Fire. She writes: And not spiritually, they have come here in search of opportunity and security, in the subconscious of the Muslims, in the trap of migration, in the last century, with the spread of political awakening in Asia, Religious poems became their favorite songs, the movement of Pan-Islamism made this concept even more heartwarming and the concept of nationalism and patriotism changed in the minds of Muslims.

Islam has become the epitome of this word (if Pakistan team starts losing in cricket match then understand Islam is in danger). Other Muslim countries are very proud of this. They have taken the contract of Islam from all over the world. At present, they have taken a narrow view on everything. Music, art, civilisation, science and literature are all mixed point of view. My compatriots, come out of the myths and say goodbye to the world of lies, just tell the truth and listen to your greatness.

Recognise the greatness of Pakistan, love it, happiness depends on your freedom and freedom depends on your courage. Today a few thousand extremists and terrorists want to enslave us. Let's kill them. Understand this well, according to Perry Church. "In old age money is of no use, but the honor which you receive in your home, in your country, in your springs, and in your congregations." We all have to grow old one day.

Come on! First of all, we, the 80,000 soldiers, civilians, children who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of this country, may you and I live. Hold each other's hands and pay tribute together and then join hands with your armed forces against the enemies of you and your country without caring for your freedom, your civilisation, your prosperity and development. Stand up to fight.

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