Why is Pakistan not progressing fictions and Law of order latest news 2022

Prof. Waris Mir was not only a teacher or a professor, he was also a committed intellectual. Unfortunately, I did not have a practical student of Prof. Waris Mir because when I reached the age of university, it was three years since Prof. Waris Mir passed away. I am his student in terms of knowledge, I read hundreds of his writings in my childhood, people like Waris Mir are disappearing from this country, this country has now turned into such small pools of ignorance whose frogs People are born here Sunni or Shia, they are now Barelvi or Wahhabi, these parents are independent liberals or conservatives.

Why is Pakistan not progressing fictions and Law of order latest news 2022
Why is Pakistan not progressing fictions and Law of order latest news 2022

They consider dictatorship as the solution to all the problems of this country or they continue to consider the parties of the leaders of dictatorial thinking as democracy whose aim is to bring Zardari or Mian Sahib to power. Don't look, they may not think for a moment that the inhabitants of other lakes are also fine or what is wrong with talking to them and so on and so forth. Due to this divisive thinking, the number of well-read and generous people like Waris Mir is dwindling in the country.

Those who love or hate on the basis of argument, who are not only against Bhutto's fanaticism and General Zia-ul-Haq on the basis of prejudice but also have an argument and they also state this argument without fear or denial, Waris Mir was the only person who had both the argument and the courage to state the argument and when these two qualities come together they take the life of the reader or the speaker and the heir Mir. He was a victim of deadly virtue. He lost his life on July 9, 1987 at the age of 48 but left behind a never ending, never ending thought. Waris Mir's son is a famous journalist of the country. It is requested to keep publishing the writings of Waris Mir from time to time so that the thoughts of Waris Mir may reach new people, they may know how there were people in our country too, so that even a character like Waris Mir does not become a narcissist. be lost in thought like us to sit around and sow his seat.

Our former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was a student of Waris Mir. Yousuf Raza Gilani did his MA in Communication from Punjab University in 1976. Waris Mir was then a lecturer in the Department of Communication at Punjab University. And the writings must have been read, there was a writing in the writings of Waris Mir which led to the conclusion that the powerful people go away and with them their power, power, oppression and abuse also go away but the oppressed Sighs, the struggle of the resistance and the true writings of the intellectuals remain, no one can erase them, I do not remember that column and the words of this column but I still remember the gist of it, that column General Zia-ul-Haq Written on the oppressive era of, Waris Mir said that this era will end with all kinds of atrocities, but the oppression in this era, the writings and the resistance for democracy will remain. Will

No one will be able to erase it. I am sure that Yousuf Raza Gilani would not have read this article or Waris Mir's writings of this nature. I have done many deeds for the country and they would be heroes of the whole nation despite being deposed today but it did not happen and they go to Lahore and Multan or Islamabad with the security provided in the requested protocol or charity today. Go out in the city, today all the deeds of Yousuf Raza Gilani are limited only to his caste or these are just a few stories which have no end, no result. The whole ideology of power or government in the world has changed,

People no longer want dictatorship or democracy, people are no longer ready to accept parties and party leadership, most of the world's political and social ideologies have changed, the world is now beyond the war of capitalism and socialism. Has come and people are now beyond the romance of conservatism and liberalism, people now need peace, justice, equal opportunities for development, education, health and a fearless life. They want to see, they want long, wide and straight roads, they want education in villages like Oxford and Cambridge and they want uninterrupted, uninterrupted paths to prosperity and success and for that they need leadership, this is the leader now. The people cannot live in the glory of Quaid-e-Azam II, they will no longer be influenced by the slogans of Mian Sahib or the words of Jaya Bhutto. Bring to power half the time.

But they are unwilling to tolerate his bad governance and if during his tenure he is removed as party chief, suspended by the Supreme Court or his mandate is trampled underfoot, the people will not come forward to help him. The same thing happened with Raza Gilani and now it will be the same with Raja Sahib and if Mian Nawaz Sharif also comes to power then they will also suffer the same fate, why? Because they have no expert team, they lack the ability to form a team, so they are becoming victims of the Greek tragedy again and again. have been.

The world has changed and now there are only good leaders in the world who have three qualities, they are honest, there is no stain of personal interest on their honesty, it is their reputation and politics to their children and Save the family, secondly, this is an extensive study, this is the world where books are read, they can make a written analysis of the developments taking place all over the world and three of them can form a team of competent honest and expert people. Analyze, you will see the Annan of every developing country in the world in the hands of those who have these three qualities, but do you see these qualities of leadership in any politician in Pakistan? Do you see the veil of honesty on the body of a leader, a politician?

If so, do you believe that this chador will remain on their body even after coming to power and no Abdul Qadir or Musa will tear it? Which of our leaders is fond of reading and writing? You can't even read a book, let alone a file. I ask every politician, bureaucrat and high-ranking business person what book you are reading nowadays. I always get the answer in the negative, these people even read the headlines, when the busiest president like President Barack Obama wrote a book of national heroes for American children on November 16, 2010, this book "Of Thee" I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, "and American children are reading this book. President Obama must have read these heroes before he wrote the book. Can any Pakistani leader have this ability? Is? The question does not arise! And the rest of the team, these people are experts in giving the highest positions to the most incompetent people, they do not decide positions on the basis of merit, loyalty to leaders, silence in the court of the leader, flattery and foolishness. They come to power and repay the old flavors in the form of high positions, I claim

No political party in Pakistan has ten most qualified ministers for ten ministries and no leader of any of our political parties can give one hour lecture in any international university. It turned out to be the former and people forgot his name in two weeks or Raja Pervez Ashraf will come out, today people forget his name even though he is the Prime Minister Can't face it so like Yousuf Raza Gilani they also came and they will go now and only sighs and lamentations will be left behind Gone, we are killing on both the political and literary fronts.

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