What happened? by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

We humans are neither found nor lost in the world, we just come and go" I saw this phrase scrolling on YouTube a few days ago and I stopped there, it was Wasif Ali Wasif's phrase and This is one of the few realities of the world, everything in the world remains here, be it the pyramids of the pharaohs, the tower of Pisa, the temple of Delphi, the wall of China, the treasures of Qarun.

What happened? by Rana Tanveer Iqbal
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Be it the city of Petra carved in the mountains, the oven made by Nimrod, the hanging gardens of Babylon or the deserted streets of Mohenjo Daro, everything in the world stays here, people just come to each other doing "my mine". Fighting, quarreling and dying, they go back and forth and new ones come in their place and they also go away fighting while doing "Meri Meri".

The greatest poet of the world once said, "When the game of chess is being played, the king, the queen, the queen and the pawns are on foot, but as soon as the game is over, the king, the queen and the pawns are all crooked in the same box." Yes, there is no difference between them. It is as if there is a scattering that makes the king a king and the slave a slave. The players left behind just come and go, the rest is just scattering.

You may be surprised to know that the DNA of an African elephant and an Indian elephant differs by an index of 6%, as if these two indicators are 4% identical, whereas in humans and chimpanzees (ben mans) only 8%. The difference is that we humans and bin mans are equal to ninety-nine index two percent, if we go back only eight percent of the index then we will become bin mans and if bin mans only improve the index eight percent then they become human. Will

There are two kinds of Ben Mans in the world, the common Ben Mans form groups like human beings, fight, quarrel, snatch, envy and hate each other, consider themselves superior and others inferior, even revenge. While the other type is called Bonobos, they live mostly on the left and right side of the Congo River, live under the maternal system, females are superior and males are inferior. They do not, they live in peace and tranquillity, they have homosexuals and eunuchs, they are inclined towards sexual intercourse in tension.

Genealogical experts claim that we humans are close to them, we do the same things in tension and anxiety that Banubas do, we unwittingly want to create a society like Banubas, a society where there is peace, justice and discipline. Yes, the average age of human beings is 45 years. Until two and a half hundred years ago, the average age of human beings was between 45 and 50 years. We developed a vaccine for viruses, we learned about the food system, and we lived longer through exercise and a healthier lifestyle.

We've got a lot of inventions in the world, and we've got a lot of other planets out of gravity. And if nature improves Banu Boss by 8%, he will become a very decent person from New Zealand, Switzerland or Dunmark, he will take our place, but we will continue to do "Meri Meri" anyway. And they fight and die for what is not ours at all, which Allah Almighty has given us for a few years.

A friend of mine bought a canal plot in CDA auction in 2009. The plot was CDA's, the street was paved and people were living in it but when my friend started building the house, he sang from right to left. People came, they claimed this land is ours and CDA had done wrong auction, you can't build a house on it, my friend contacted CDA, he was told that it is an occupation group and His claim is false.

My friend contacted me, I called them, we sat in front of each other and I asked them "how did this land become yours" their answer was "this whole sector is built on our villages, There were villages here till 1980 and these lands were our ancestors. I asked them, "Did you people fight with each other even in the age of villages and were lands the main reason for this war?"

An elder was also present at the jirga. He laughed and said, "All our elders died fighting for the land." I asked, "Where is the graveyard in which the elders are buried?" And he said, "It has become a plaza on our ancestral graveyard." I laughed and said, "Your elders also fought for the land and now you are making the same mistake. There is a trust of Allah and Allah gives us this trust on lease for a short period of time so that we can eat and live on its land. When our respite is over, Allah changes the lease. The elders had a lease and today it was given to them by Allah, they too will stay on it according to the respite given by Allah and then Allah will change this lease too, why are you fighting and dying? "

They understood my point, I advised them "You are fighting the case, keep fighting, of course make us a party in it, when Allah changes the lease then the owner will change automatically, we Why fight, why should we die? "Our dispute is over. By the grace of Allah, my friends have been building a house on this land for eleven years now. Because they know that they did not buy this place from CDA, it was given to them by Allah Almighty and this gift will remain as long as he wants, on the day when their term expires, may Allah change the lease. Will

They know that forty years ago there was a village in this place and the people of the village did not even dream then. He knows what this land will be like forty years later and who will have its lease, so what could be more foolish than fighting for the land? These lands remain here, they are not available to anyone and they do not get out of anyone's hands, they remain lying here, we just come, stay on it for a while and leave and the game is over.

There are only three things we can think about. This earth is a huge rock and this rock is orbiting its solar system at a speed of 1670 kilometres per hour and this solar system does not go into the galaxy of four hundred and fifty billion stars and planets. Running, where are we going? Second, there are 8.7 million creatures on Earth, one of which is a human being, and there is only an indication of an 8% difference between its DNA and that of Ben Mans. Why is it dying for things that are not its own?

Thirdly, how can we forget this in the fear of losing human beings and in the greed of gaining it? Please go to the zoo one day, sit by Ben Mans's cage, tell him your achievements and then see his reaction, I am sure he will hear this whole story and call other Ben Mans, pointing to you. Ga will ask his colleagues, "What happened to him, why did he go mad?

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