We are not ashamed by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

There is an occurrence in the hour of Jesus. The offspring of Israel got a whore and begun stoning her in the field. He will kill the person who has not trespassed till today. Not a single person in the audience moved forward, the people threw stones and went home and only the woman and Jesus remained in the field. You took this woman with you. Reached the highest position of.

We are not ashamed by Rana Tanveer Iqbal
We are not ashamed by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

We are Muslims and Honorable prophet hood is our faith. We cannot be Muslims unless we swear by the honour of the Messenger of Allah and accept you as the last prophet and this is the fact that even the worst Muslims are party to it Respect for Allah? (PBUH) Either we have to follow their word, we just have to take their name or follow their Sunnah. And do we just have to glorify the state of Madinah or create a society of the will of the Messenger of Allah?

We are additionally awesome individuals, we make anybody a casualty of disrespect by laying them in the city with blocks and sticks, we consume them to remains, we uncover ladies in the city for robbery. And yet we are number one on the planet for this multitude of violations, this large number of sins which Allah Almighty has sent the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to eradicate. I likewise misuse one another.

If you conduct a survey in the universities, the knowledge of the professors will not be more than ten or fifteen books. A few days ago, an English language professor contacted me and gave me the good news: "I have proved through research that Made by giants.

The existence where archaeologists and researchers have been exploring for more than one and a half hundred of years, including researchers from the Jewish, Christian and Islamic universes, to do investigate you can be a piece of it Read, the second castle of Luxor (Karnak ) was constructed even before Jesus, you see that "however he demanded that his exploration is weighty on every one of them and this is the condition of information legacy in this country, Our Prophet (harmony and endowments of Allah arrive) was viewed as honest and reliable before his restoration. The excess trust is that the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi likewise coordinated and managed his child's business occasion at Governor House Sindh on November 29, 2021. At the Glasgow Conference Environmental Adviser Land was removed, convenience was taken in five star inns however Pakistan's commitment in the meeting was zero.

There was nothing on our stall except five chairs. The only Imran Khan in Pakistan was declared honest and trustworthy by the court. His name is Imran Khan. Please answer with your hands on your heart. Do they meet any standards of honesty and integrity?

Our Prophet (PBUH) adopted simplicity all his life. How many of us like simplicity, how many of us are humble? Avoiding showmanship, we also made Milad a source of show and appearance, called forgiveness and mercy the glory of the believer Declared, for three years Shaab Abi Talib boiled the skin and ate but did not spread his hands, but our whole country consists of beggars, from the President to the peon, everyone's hands are outstretched.

Donations are also announced in mosques, under-weighing, mixing, usury and usurpation of the property of the homeless are some of the major sins in Islam. We build mosques on occupied land, bring clean milk, meat, pulses, flour and vegetables from all over the country, even medicines are counterfeit and put Islamic honey sticker on the bottle. Fake honey is sold.

There is definitely not a solitary city in the entire country whose water is drinkable. You can't drink water from the fixture of the Presidency. The expert and the slave were made equivalent. Furthermore in Islam there was no individual among Allah and the worker however we put mullahs in the centre and put feet on top of one another and this together they don't permit us to have contact with God, we jackasses and dead creatures. They sell meat, they are butchers in emergency clinics and specialists, they offer it to the kidneys of patients, we are more terrible in savagery against ladies and youngsters.

Air contamination is the main source of death on the planet, positioning first, second and third among the ten deadliest illnesses on the planet, our legal executive positions 130th out of 139 nations, 145th out of 180 nations in the Press Freedom Index Pakistan positions 92nd out of 116 nations experiencing hunger. None of our colleges is in the rundown of two best colleges on the planet. We don't get Umrah visas and in case we do, we conceal heroin in shoes and ihrams. 

How protect are the believers from the hand and tongue of the believer everyone now better today? You observe this every day. The Sunni behind the Shia and the Sunni behind the Sunni does not offer the second prayer. Islam is not taught in any madrassa of Pakistan and this sect is not ready to accept any other sect.

We are monsters, no individual in our eyes, no person People watch the display, take selfies with the consuming man and nobody aside from Adnan Malik approaches to save him, nobody holds the hand of the individual reciting trademarks and beating the stick.

In Faisalabad, two women are stripped naked and made to stand in the bazaar and no one even covers them. Selfies are being made. Even heart stents are found to be fake, even in the shroud they do not refrain from profiteering and they also make plazas on the graves but at the same time they also claim the love of the Prophet, they also embrace the street dog of Laila But we are not ready to obey a single command of our Prophet (PBUH) even in true love.

We are not even tolerant of smiling at others so today Muslims consider themselves safe in the land of Christians and Hindus but in the land of Muslims we are scared, we are scared to send women and children to mosques but At the same time, there are claimants of Ishq-e-Rasool PBUH and we are not ashamed at all. Islam does not need this kind of lovers, it needs umtis.

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