Was Mark a stupid politician written by Rana Manzoor Ahmed?

Mark Haptmann is a very capable and young German politician. Initially he was a teacher of political science. Politics was his first and last love. He was elected a Member of the German Parliament in 2013 and will continue to do so until 2021. Mark also ran a newspaper. The same year, in March 2021, a German magazine, Der Speigi, published a story about Mark. It was revealed that Mark had received 16,000 euros in compensation from the Azerbaijani embassy. In return, the newspaper published advertisements in favor of Azerbaijan.

Was Mark a stupid politician written by Rana Manzoor Ahmed?
Was Mark a stupid politician written by Rana Manzoor Ahmed?

The story goes on to say that Mark was primarily lobbying for Azerbaijan. please think. What steps did Mark take after this news? Went home He took his family with him. The press conference that the whole world heard. Mark reasoned that he did not take the 16,000 euros as a bribe. Rather, it was a legitimate compensation for an advertisement that his newspaper received in keeping with all the rules and regulations. He did not commit any illegal act. Despite this, he resigns from the seat of parliament. He also said that his family and peace of mind is above any political position.

Mark Hoppman's political career began in 2013. And ended with his resignation in March 2021. Most importantly, Mark was never asked to resign by the head of his political party or the chancellor. No court has ruled that Mark should resign. No investigative agency has provided any evidence to suggest that Mark has illegally received a single penny from any government. Why did Mark resign in the absence of all these stimuli?

There is only one answer. To base the supremacy of the principle of ethics in politics. There was only one charge against Mark and that too without any evidence. Sixteen thousand euros which makes Pakistanis about 32 lakhs. Just being accused of it. Isn't this really adherence to high moral principles in politics? Absolutely. In a chaotic country like ours, this principle may not even be thought of. Acting is a long way off.

The Pandora's Lakes have been the talk of the town for a few days now. Talks and discussions are going on about it on all sides. A futile debate that will lead to nothing. First of all, I would like to state the painful truth that no higher or higher moral principle has ever existed in the politics of the country at any level. Yes. There are pointless slogans and announcements.

Come to Pandora Lakes anyway. It features the names of our leading politicians, businessmen, and others. Most of them are still in power in one way or another. It is said that they have "offshore companies". Creating an offshore company is not a crime. So far no problem. But it remains to be seen what purpose this offshore company has been used for. Have businesses or properties been bought in foreign countries by depositing looted wealth in this company?

Has any important person used this company for money laundering? Isn't it true that offshore company has been used as an identity to collect bribe money in contracts? If the offshore company has been used as a source of money laundering, then it is really a serious crime which should be given full legal punishment.

But is this punishment possible in a broken justice system like ours? In our courts, there is no precedent for severe punishment for persons convicted in a case like Pandora's Lakes. The argument is that before this leak, Panama Lakes had caused panic. It included the names of hundreds of important people in Pakistan. But no one was questioned except one person, namely Nawaz Sharif.

When did Panama Lakes die? The wealth looted from any of the Pakistanis listed in it has not been returned and cannot be returned. No government agency has been able to recover at least one dollar of illicit wealth sent out of the Panama Lakes. Yes. It now appears that the former Prime Minister of Pakistan was politically targeted.

And only they were subjected to such rigorous accountability. No other Pakistani listed in the Panama Lakes has passed. This point is extremely important. This clearly means that the Panama Lakes were used solely for political purposes. The same will be true of Pandora Lakes. It contains the names of the most important politicians. Most of them are central and provincial ministers. Do you think that these powerful people will resign from their positions in any case? The Prime Minister has ordered an investigation against all these people, some institutions are also part of the team that will ask questions about the offshore companies of these powerful people. But you write it down. That the investigation will be prolonged without reaching any conclusion so that everything will become meaningless. Then another calamity will strike the country. And Pandora Lakes will die in the rotten closet of a government building.

Yes! If a specific person's gossip is intended, it will definitely be made a sign. In our country, there is no high tradition of accountability of the ruling class. Are those who are still in power? Do they even have a moment to sit on their chairs? All these people should immediately resign from their posts and go home. He should appear before the investigating agencies like a normal citizen. If they are found innocent in the inquiry. So they should return to their positions. But it will not happen. Khan's central government and Punjab's provincial government are standing on a few votes. If Khan Sahib showed even the slightest courage and sacked these powerful people from their posts, his central and provincial governments of Punjab would be immediately destabilized. The government may fall.

Nominees at Pandora Lakes will not resign. Nor will the government bother to expel them. The drama of the investigation will also be used to appease the people. But thanks to the Pandora's Lakes, a deadly weapon has fallen into the hands of the opposition. If the opposition uses it wisely, the troubled PTI government will become more inactive. If the people become part of this opposition movement, then this government can go home. But our political system does not have the slightest high values.

So the assumption is that a few days of storms will end in just a short time. Germany's Kamark Haupt Mann was so foolish that he went home on a minor charge. He should have been trained by our ruling class so that he would have been enjoying great comfort in Parliament till now. In any case, the moral values ​​we need will not come into existence till the Day of Judgment and no one cares about them. So what a worry!

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