Treatment of eye weakness of all old and child

About 70% of the world's population currently suffer from some form of eye disease. This is mainly due to the lack of various vitamins in the body. As electronics become part of our daily necessities of life, eye diseases are on the rise, distant or near eyes are getting weaker and surprisingly people consider eye diseases to be very minor. They don't even treat it.

Treatment of eye weakness of all old and child  the latest news reports article 2022
Treatment of eye weakness of all old and child 

Weakness of the eyes may have the following symptoms: headache while reading, not being able to see far or near in the dark of night. If You Just Improve Your Habits Or Your Lifestyle You Can Improve Your Eye Weakness Not only will it get better but it will also get better, God willing. First of all, relax your eyes, that is, get a good night's sleep and set a limit on the use of electronic items.

Strengthen eye muscles

Fennel and cucumber paste is also good for cooling the eyes. Do this daily at night before going to bed. First soak the fennel for a while. Mash half a cucumber again for two to four hours and mash the fennel and put it in it and keep it in the fridge for ten to twenty minutes and when it cools down apply it on the outer part of the eyes for twenty minutes. Apply it for a while and you will get the best results and your eyes will also get peace. Before applying this paste of cucumber and fennel on your eyes, do a light massage with almond oil on the eyes. Also chew fennel daily. Eat foods rich in fiber and protein.

  • Hwalshafi Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, cucumber seeds, sesame seeds.
  • Sift these four and take half a teaspoon in the morning and evening with pear yeast and half a teaspoon.
  • Eat Maraba Amla Eat two amla marabas daily for breakfast and two marabas every night.
  • Soak almonds and take 11 pieces in the morning.
  • Prescribing a prescription is best for mental retardation and visual impairment.

Kishta pearl ten grams, Jowar mahra ten grams, Kishta silver five grams, almonds one hundred grams, walnuts one hundred grams, pumpkin seeds one hundred grams, pumpkin seeds one hundred grams, watermelon seeds one hundred grams, cucumber seeds one hundred grams, white pepper ten grams, green cardamom Ten grams

Sift all these ingredients and take it with milk in the morning and evening after meals. Yeast Pearl must be eaten. With this prescription, in the days to come, insha'Allah, the deteriorating eyesight of the distant or near will be cured and with continuous use for some time, it will not only get better, but insha'Allah, it will become faster than before.

May Allah Almighty be your supporter and helper.

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