This is someone else by Muhammad Waqas

He was a perfectly normal young man, lived in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, was a chemist in a food science laboratory, started his career with a sweeper, cleaned the bathroom, was energetic, did bodybuilding and was a bouncer in a nightclub recruited.

This is someone else by Muhammad Waqas
This is someone else by Muhammad Waqas

Work at the Food Science Laboratory was a pack of professional life, he wanted to get married and live in Seattle now, the girl liked it too, they started dating and during the date they both decided to get married. He invited his girlfriend to dinner, bought her an engagement ring, dressed her in a nice suit, bought a bouquet and he walked to the restaurant. Passing by, he suddenly heard the sound of a piano inside, his steps twisted and he entered the church without permission.

At the altar a priest dressed in black was playing the piano. Holding the bouquet and watching the whole process in amazement, the pastor called out from behind the net, "Tell me, young man, what can I do for you?" Aya, I was passing by here, I heard the sound of piano and came in "The pastor laughed and replied" I know you have not come here for me but I have come for you ".

He listened to the pastor in amazement. The pastor said, "I am not the pastor of this church, I am a cancer patient, I will not be able to live long Sit down and listen to the shameful tales of sinners, I came here, the whole day passed but no one came to church, I got bored and started playing the piano and you came, I think I was sent here just for you So please talk. "The young man's astonishment increased. It was dark inside, there was the scent of ebony wood, and in that scent sat the young Jorge Mario Bergo Glio.

The young man asked nervously, "Father, what is the purpose of life?" The pastor replied, "Confession of God's blessings." Then tell others about God's blessings.

A piano tune changed the pattern of a young man's whole life. He left the chemist's profession to enter a religious school. In Argentina there is an institution of clergy called the Society of Jesus. Acquired, became a pastor in 1969, became a provincial pastor in 1973 and was made Archbishop of Argentina in 1998. He became famous throughout the country, during which time martial law was imposed in Argentina, civil rights were suspended and thirty. Thousands were killed, he was accused of supporting martial law and dictatorship and of informing two of his revolutionary friends, but this went on step by step.

Pope John Paul II created ten new cardinals in 2001. He was also one of the ten luckiest clergymen in the world. He was replaced by a new cardinal after his death. This was the pack of his religious career. He was a fan of football and tango dance. He used to go to the gym, in spite of all his arithmetic and worship, he could not get rid of these two pleasures of his.

The life of George Mario Bergoglio took a new turn in 2013, he was 77 years old and he wanted to leave the life of a cardinal and spend the rest of his life like a normal person, he wanted to do tango dance in the stadium. He sat down to watch a football match, eat food while walking down the street and plant plants in his backyard. So he sent his resignation to the pope. Yes, the pope had received the first resignation from a cardinal, he was surprised, every pastor in the whole Christian world wants to be a cardinal.

Generations of people die when George dreams of leaving his post and living the life of a common man. It was a surprise that the Pope summoned the Cardinal to the Vatican, took him to Rome, and drove him to the Pope's car. I was taken to the Pope's Summer Palace, he arrived at the palace and started chatting with Mali on the lawn, his old dirty bag was on the wall and he with a big single needle told Mali about the characteristics of different plants. Pope Benedict was watching from the window, the pope talked to the cardinal and made him his guest.

The cardinal told the pope about football and tango dance, he ordered pizza from an ancient pizza shop in Rome, fed the pope and told him about the difficult and amazing aspects of his life, the pope asked him "You "Why do you want to resign?" Was Cardinal George's reply. If I had tried I could have saved their lives so I get a sense of guilt. Secondly, I am not a religious person. Only one coincidence brought me to this field. I have been wearing the robe of a priest for 44 years. I am playing this role, I am tired now, I want to live a normal human life now, I want to drink beer, I want to dance, I want to dance and sing in clubs, I have two fingers in my mouth during football matches. I want to blow the whistle and touch the women. "

The pope laughed and surprised the cardinal by saying, "I too am tired of being a pope. I want to live in my village. "The cardinal looked at him in amazement and said," The pope is for life. The pope cannot retire. " Gregory 12 has resigned in the century, I will be the third pope to resign in Christian history and you will be the pope in my place. "

The cardinal was sweating profusely and started praying for Pope Benedict but the pope's decision was final. Now you see the twist in the story, he was going to propose to his girlfriend and his path changed along the way When he resigned as cardinal, the pope announced his retirement and put a pope's necklace around his neck. Surprising the whole world by nominating a pope, however, the short story George Mario Bergoglio became the 266th pope on March 13, 2013.

They are the first pope in Christian history before the American mainland and they are also the first non-European pope in Christian history. There are currently two popes in the world. Religious leaders, they are the first popes in the world to watch football matches, know tango dances, eat market pizza and meet ordinary people.

This is also the latest proof of Allah's claim in the world that you do not choose, I am the one who determines the path of each one of you, you go whichever way, you run away but you will go Wherever I want to take you, you have to accept this fact anyway, there is someone else who makes your decisions and who is he, he is your lord, he is God.

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