The Pakistan became of Quaid E Azam by Waqas Muhammad

A friend of mine is a member of Punjab Assembly, belongs to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). He came to Islamabad to meet me yesterday. He was looking very upset. "I am looking at his face that is looking good for all for a long time. He was really looking serious. I asked him, 'You have given daily convention allowance of Rs. 3,000 to Rs. Rupees and additional allowance of Rs 300,00 to Rs 600,00 were demanded. This resolution was tabled jointly by ten political parties present in the Assembly. What is the reason? looked at his face carefully and then said, "You are also a landowner. The government claims that we have injected four hundred billion rupees in the agricultural sector. The farmer is now happy but you Still crying.

The Pakistan became of Quaid E Azam by Waqas Muhammad 2022
The Pakistan became of Quaid E Azam by Waqas Muhammad

He laughed and laughed for a long time, kept quiet, sighed and said, "The dollar is a farmer 100 rupees, do we get subsidies for petrol?" In the PML-N days, now Rs. 14,000. The cost of transporting the crop to the market is also two to three times higher so that despite the high cost of grain, we get nothing and despite investing Rs. 500 billion in the agricultural sector, the situation of landowners and farmers is dire. As the owner of the property and from the MPA position, people come to us, we have to serve them tea and serve them, I believe it is difficult to camp. "I plan to quit politics. It's just a matter of selfishness, discord and cost. Politics is hard on you unless you own a sugar mill."

When they presented themselves, I said, "But the Prime Minister says Pakistan is the cheapest country in the world and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said yesterday that Pakistan is the cheapest country in the region." He laughed and laughed I am part of it, Imran Khan and Fawad Chaudhry are my leaders but these people do not know what kind of Pakistan they are talking about, everything is expensive and rare in the country of which we are citizens.

You see, building materials have doubled in one year, flour, flour, sugar and cooking oil have also doubled by three times when people's income has dropped by 30 to 40 percent, I met with the Prime Minister. I want to see the cheapest Pakistan in the world. That Pakistan is likely to stay in the Prime Minister's house and in the Munster Colony. At least you won't find it on the streets. " They left but left the question. If MPA and MNS are not living in Pakistan today, even if they want increased allowances in line with inflation, then who is making a living from the country? Yes, who is Sikhi? There are three ways to measure inflation in the world I am 159th.

We are in the sixth position among the seven SAARC countries and the inflation rate is 9.5% in Pakistan today, while in India it is 5.3%, in Bangladesh 5.40%, in Sri Lanka 6.20% and in the Maldives it is 2.27%. Take, Pakistan is skyrocketing inflation but the government is claiming we are the cheapest country in the world and the government also forgets the economist's inflation report saying that Pakistan is in the fourth place, Argentina is in the world. The most expensive, Turkey is second, Brazil is third and Pakistan is fourth. At the same time gas is missing from the country and electricity and petrol prices are unbearable and unemployment rate has reached 5%. The Islamic Brotherhood has also borrowed 3 3 billion from Saudi Arabia at 4% interest.

We can't spend this money just keep it in the system and we will pay 4% interest on keeping it in the system and brotherly Islamic country can withdraw this money at any time on 72 hours notice and we base it But the banks may be corrupt but the government is still calling the situation ideal. This situation has no meaning for the class and the officials.

They are living a life of indifference to it and one day these people including the Prime Minister and the President will quietly go to bed and go to another country and the people will keep looking back and forth and all this The time is coming when Bangladesh has reached 50 50 billion in exports on its 50th anniversary, its financial reserves are touching 48 48 billion and it has become the 37th largest economy in the world while we are like an elephant in the mud. They are slipping behind.

We wondered one day why and how we got to this point. If we have not thought in the past, let us think today on the day when East Pakistan was separated from us 50 years ago, it was a strange day in history, when the majority left the minority, the world has always been the minority with the majority. Separated but the Bengali's were separated from us despite being in the majority, can we call their decision wrong today? Bengali were poor, weak, curvy and black clothed while we were handsome, tall, young and rich but where do we stand today and where are they?

Where does India stand today? Today there are 237 billionaires and Indians have become CEOs of all the major tech companies in the world. It is becoming a global power and we are cutting each other's throats. Today America is angry with us, Russia and China too. We are in a state of turmoil, there are demonstrations all over the country and the provinces are ready to fight the provinces but we are still not ready to open our eyes and take the nails of consciousness. Telling the oppressed people "No you are misunderstanding, our country is the cheapest country in the world" Who are we deceiving, in whose eyes are we throwing dust.

Yesterday a gentleman was telling me, our leader Imran Khan had claimed "I will make the country the Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam". You see, we have made the country the Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam. Yes, people were homeless, there was no transportation, the dollar was gone, the industry was shut down, there was no money for salaries of government officials and cakes were used instead of commons in offices, the situation is the same today. Therefore, Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan has been formed, but now the state of Madinah is left.

He laughed when he said this but I kept looking at him seriously and then I said to him "Brother John don't you really feel the delicacy of the situation" he laughed and then said seriously "No because we are not responsible they are Those who brought us and for which we are still here today, I asked them, "You will remember that the driver is always responsible for the accident, not the manufacturer, you have to bear the burden of history anyway." He laughed, shrugged, and said, "We'll carry that load, how heavy will it be?"

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