The decision to dissolve the PTI is a result of confusion

Prime Minister Imran Khan has dissolved the PTI organization across the country after a disappointing performance in the first phase of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local body elections. A meeting to review the party's performance in the local body elections was held on Friday under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister expressed distrust in the performance of the party.

The decision to dissolve the PTI is a result of confusion.
The decision to dissolve the PTI is a result of confusion.

A member who was present at the meeting told Urdu News on condition of anonymity that the Prime Minister expressed his anger at the meeting and said that our party had come to end the politics of nepotism but in the election the party officials were nepotism. Set new examples of what led to the worst performance. The Prime Minister said, "Even today PTI is a popular party of the country but unfortunately it is being harmed by giving priority to personal interests. I do not give priority to personal interests as the Prime Minister so why do you compromise."

According to sources, the Prime Minister directed the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to mobilize old workers and angry members for the reorganization of the party in the province and also ensure distribution of tickets on merit in the second phase of local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. After the meeting, Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry told the media that Imran Khan had dissolved the organizational structure and formed a 21-member committee comprising members from all four provinces and the federation.

The same committee will also decide the next phase of local body elections and Punjab tickets. According to him, even if a relative has to give a ticket, the decision will not be taken by the local leadership but the matter will be handed over to this committee and the decision will be taken in the federation. Federal Minister Asad Umar tweeted in this regard that "in the final results announced by the Election Commission, the PTI has won 13 tehsils and the Muslim League, PPP and Awami National Party together have won nine tehsils."

He said that the statement was made that PTI was destroyed, we are not satisfied with the result but mourning should be in the ranks of these parties.

The decision to dissolve the PTI is a result of confusion

Talking to Urdu News, senior journalist and columnist Amir Khakwani, who has a keen eye on the politics of PTI, said, Yes, the local body elections were a good opportunity for the youth at the grassroots level to try to bring the leadership to the fore and even if they lost, the youth would remain loyal to the party.

He said that the decision to dissolve the organizational structure is the result of confusion and it does not matter. These are the key people of the PTI and their failure is that the party could not be organized at the grassroots level. According to Aamir Khakwani, "Imran Khan has decided to dissolve the organizational structure, but in most places there was no PTI organization or it was nominal. It's a shock.

According to senior analyst Habib Akram, Imran Khan has openly acknowledged defeat in the local body elections by dissolving the party's organizational structure. "This is a good opportunity for him to focus on organizing his party as chairman. However, according to Aamir Khakwani, "inexperience can be removed with a certain period but incompetence cannot be removed and the problem in PTI is that they do not learn from their mistakes, the second problem is Imran Khan's lack of ethnography."

There have been frequent changes in the cabinet and when a new man arrives he is praised and then removed. It is also incompetent not to be able to form his own team.

Habib Ikram said that the reason for the defeat in the local body elections was the lack of party factions and central leadership and the decision of the Prime Minister to be self-accountable was welcome. He added that the PTI should be thankful that it had managed to win the seats despite being so negligent in distributing tickets.

I think this proves that Imran Khan's statement is quite true that PTI is still a popular party. This Aamir Khakwani said that Imran Khan himself is a victim of insecurity so he appointed weak leaders in the provinces, on the one hand he thinks that he knows everything and on the other hand his decisions are such that It reflects a lack of recognition and insecurity. He further said that at that time there was no expert in manipulation in the party. The PTI must be feeling and a vacuum has been created after their inactivity.

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