The changing world of communication latest reports the capital debates 2022

A few days ago, the Euro Cup final was played in London. England failed to win an international title 55 years later. However, the bigger story than losing the final was to miss the penalty kick of three black players. There was a flurry of controversy on social media in which the players were slammed and racially discriminated against, which set the whole of England on fire. From the Mayor of London to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had to speak out against this treatment.

The changing world of communication latest reports the capital debates 2022 world news
The changing world of communication latest reports the capital debates 2022

From the invention of television until about 2010, the psychological template in the world of communication has been set up in such a way that every person who comes to the television or edit box, sees, speaks is important. That's how celebrity culture came into marketing. Be it a car, be it cigarettes, be it tea, be it washing powder, be it an athlete, an actor, etc. Signed, huge sums of money were given and billions were earned by selling products.

After 2010, social media began to challenge the old notions. Gradually the edit box lost its power. In some recent meetings, I was shocked to learn that the dinosaurs of the media world, such as the BBC, CNN and Fox News, are currently in deep crisis and facing the challenge of extinction.

In Britain, a newspaper had to run a campaign to get donations from its readers. The big magazines became a pile of rubbish. The owners of The Sun, Britain's most powerful newspaper, have recently been priced at less than a pound. Take the tick tok, this medium which started yesterday is currently getting more rush from the biggest media houses and is influencing the public opinion and not only the fashion and laxity, now also the political opinion. Creating Social media is currently playing the most effective role in terms of communication.

Interestingly, along with news on social media, fake news has also become a tradition. Today every tenth person has a TV channel on YouTube where they can freely talk on any topic according to their version. Now this is the world of artificial intelligence in which algorithms are showing their perfection and subconsciously creating their own reality. The creation of a virtual reality of Cambridge Analytica five years ago, and then the algorithm's use of Bridget's and then Donald Trump's presidential campaign to turn it around at will, is nothing short of revolutionary. The result is that the world has never been more divided than it is today, with hundreds and thousands of versions of reality, mirage and conspiracy theories on every subject.

In this new science of media and communication, influence's have become very important. For the past year, American billionaire Alan Musk has been the bull that has carried the world on its horns. His dubious and mysterious tweets, especially regarding the digital currency bitcoin, have caused a stir around the world.

Alan Musk has recently made some unique moves regarding his star power that have affected millions of people around the world. A few years ago, a meme cryptocurrency called Dodge Coin was jokingly introduced which was worthless. However, a series of tweets by Ilan Musk this year have increased the value of this joke cryptocurrency by more than a thousand percent and the market value of this funny currency has increased to more than fifty billion dollars in May 2021. It has now become commonplace that Ilan Musk's tweet is playing a key role in raising or lowering the value of the cryptocurrency.

Who can forget the four years of Donald Trump's administration when the world's superpowers were being run through Twitter and big policy statements were being fired through Twitter and the US Foreign Office was being circulated. The same trend was observed during the Israeli attacks on Gaza about a month ago, when for the first time Israel took a step back and could not go beyond a limit due to the support of some prominent people for Palestine.

The bottom line is that the form of reality we have been seeing, hearing and believing in to this day is quite outdated and will be challenged in many ways. This is a new world, especially when it comes to communication, in which an "influence" can be more influential than a country's military or its president. Along with print media, television is also becoming a part of the past. Every corporate, political, religious, ideological and establishment entity in the world will face this challenge. Let's see what the world will be like in the next ten years!

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