Some serious questions putted by Wiki Ch

Priyantha Kumara, Sri Lankan creation director, was killed by a crowd in Sialkot on December 3 and his body was subsequently profaned by the horde. Eleven days have passed since this episode however it is as yet consuming in the spirit of each Pakistani today. We have all been harmed from the inside. The police gave a valiant effort later the occurrence. An aggregate of 124 individuals have been captured, 34 of them significant wrongdoers, eight convicts have confessed and the principle offender has been pronounced. It is extremely clear in this, it needs this case to be short of breath up as quickly as time permits so it very well may be demonstrated on the planet that Pakistan is a finished, free and honest country, it's anything but a state to make it, this advancement is excellent.

Some serious questions putted by Wiki Ch
Some serious questions putted by Wiki Ch

The sooner we get out of the state tag the better for us but here a question arises and I want to ask this question to the state, you put your hand on your heart and answer, people who killed Priyantha Kumara Ordinary factory workers, they did not belong to any religious political party, they erupted, mob psychology prevailed and they became responsible for this tragic, tragic event, they will now be punished for what they did and they will Punishment should also be meted out, but the question is. Would it have arrested them on the spot to time? There would have been similar cases against them and would they have been arrested in the same way and brought to justice as soon as possible or there would have been a sit-in on GT Road after their arrest.

Like Sri Lankan Priyantha Kumara, seven or eight policemen would be killed and thrown into the fields, and the state would not only make a secret deal with them. Take back too? please put your both hands on your heart and answer himself and if you are answering then I also ask, these 124 people are in custody today, isn't it because no political or religious party has given them wool yet. 

If she had accepted him as the "lover of the Prophet", would he have been treated the same way? would likewise eliminate them from the Fourth Schedule and think of them as an ideological group? Believe me, these questions are the future of Pakistan. The day we find the answers to these questions, this country will stand on its own two feet. This is thesituation of the Pakistani country. Accused of blasphemy in 2021, the mob surrounded him.

The management hospital managed to save his life and handed him over to the police. He is now locked in an isolated room in the jail and in 8 months no judge has been ready to hear his case. No official is even willing to prepare their challans, so think for yourself, how will this state function in this world of fear? Along with this question, I would like to ask a some questions from with the passage of time in our country. I have these questions from the scholars and I want to ask these questions only for my knowledge.

We put this debate on the sidelines for a few moments and assume our Prime Minister wants to create a crime free state then I suggest to him you don't have to go back in time, there are currently 12 crime free countries in the world. Iceland ranks first, followed by Singapore, Austria third, followed by Denmark, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

Iceland is closed to police for two days on Saturdays and Sundays, with only 200 police officers across the country, and the world's top 20 crime-free countries include Oman, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, four Islamic countries. You copy them, if you want to make a tax free state then there are 20 tax free countries in the world now, these include two Islamic countries, if you want to make a non debtor country then there are 13 in the world Non-debtor countries.

Jordan, an Islamic nation, is one of them. To make a decent state in which everybody from the president to the peon complies with the law, then, at that point, there are ten reputable nations on the planet at the present time, Dunn Mark said. , Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Canada and Australia, to assemble a fair society, then, at that point, there are 9 nations on the planet whose equity framework can be confirmed and to construct a monetarily solid and free country then there are 15 monetary powers on the planet and to make a state in which ladies and men have equivalent privileges then there are ten such nations on the planet as of now.

In these nations, people just as all classes are equivalent, nobody is poor and rich, little or huge and high contrast, all individuals are equivalent. If, regardless of this, they demand that they will frame the province of Madinah, then, at that point, the inquiry is, do you and your accomplice satisfy the guidelines of the territory of Madinah? Are the ten senior priests of your bureau deserving of the citizenship of the province of Madinah? Would you be able to depend on their credibility and reliability?

In the event that there is no response to this and assuming you, when all is said and done, don't fulfil the guideline of the territory of Madinah, then, at that point, would you be able to be made the organiser of the province of Madinah? On the off chance that not, who are you misleading, whose feelings would you say you are playing with, and can the ideological groups and rulers in Islam be permitted to play with the feelings of the commoners for the sake of the Prophet?

Therefore, I request you to sacrifice the honour, life and property of all of us on our Nabi Akram(PBUH). Please do not deceive the people by his name, fear the punishment of Allah, we are already suffering more than our time.

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