Recognition of the benefits of democracy and dictatorship in world and its impact on the world and its failures latest world reports

There was horror and hatred on the face of the Egyptian citizen. He had a shoe in one hand and a placard in the other hand. Sweat rolled down my face as I read the placard. This screaming image was released by the international wire service AFP. It was a picture of a public protest during Hillary Clinton's visit to Egypt on July 14, 2012. I was not interested in Hillary Clinton, the Egyptian youth and the shoes she held in her hand, because of my call the whole of Egypt kept chanting slogans against Hillary Clinton all day or raining shoes on her poster but as far as this placard and this play As for the wording of the card, I was very "concerned" with it, because it is our humiliation.

Recognition of the benefits of democracy and dictatorship in world and its impact on the world and its failures latest world news reports debates
Recognition of the benefits of democracy and dictatorship in world 

There was a placard and on the placard was written "Message to Hillary, Egypt will never be Pakistan" (Message for Hillary, Egypt will never be Pakistan ". But this shoe is on the face of all of us and the stench from its soles is going into our mouths. They are also kicking our shoes which once considered Pakistan as the qibla of development and prosperity.

I'm sure if one of the young generation in the sixties saw this picture they would not believe it. This is Pakistan which the world used to call an example of rapid development. Who had served in Pakistan under President Ayub Khan and he told me in Washington, we thought in the sixties which city would be number one in London, Washington and Karachi in 1980.

I also remember the Indonesian finance minister who told a Pakistani delegation visiting Jakarta during Nawaz Sharif's second term that five villages had collected donations and sent me to Pakistan for medical education. Indonesians used to consider Pakistani educational institutions as Oxford and Cambridge of Asia but today you guys came to Jakarta to help me. I am very ashamed. We never wanted to see Pakistan in this place. I also remember the Egyptian scholar who said ten years ago in Islamabad that we considered Pakistan as our leader in every field, our young man considered it an honor to enter Pakistan's educational institutions We had the help of Pakistani engineers but today when we see our leader Pakistan in the footsteps of small countries, we are very ashamed. Alas, what were you and what happened.

If we look for the golden age of Pakistan then we have to admit that we made record development in Ayub era, in that era big dams were built, railway tracks were laid, electric train ran from Lahore to Khanewal, this train was to go to Karachi and After that he had to go from Lahore to Landi Kotal, the canal system of the country widened due to which millions of acres of land was irrigated, electricity reached the villages from the cities, gas came to the corners of the country. I had dug for the underground train, the roads widened, the road reached the far corners of the country, chairlifts were installed, PIA became the best airline in the world, our industry went into fifth gear, daily from our port. Hundreds of ships with Made in Pakistan started moving to other countries, Pakistan started making tractors, our educational institutions became the best schools in Asia,

We started giving hundreds of doctors and engineers to the world every year. It was a sign of Pakistan's honor and reputation. Germany needed 500,000 workers. Germany was ready to take responsibility for the health, education and insurance of these citizens but our government refused, the government said we will not sell our workers to any other country, Germany after our refusal. Contacted Turkey and Turkey sent its 500,000 workers to Germany on a package less than ours, these 500,000 Turks today are 5 million and they are the second largest population in Germany after the Germans. This was the nature of our foreign policy. When President Ayub Khan visited the United States in July 1961, President Kennedy and his entire cabinet were present at the airport to receive Ayub Khan.

President Ayub Khan was given protocol from the airport to the State Guest House, American citizens were standing on both sides of the road with flowers and it was raining flowers on President Ayub all the way. He was received by the DC of Rawalpindi and President Ayub Khan did not give him time to meet him. During Ayub Khan's tenure, television came to Pakistan and nuclear program was started.

The process of family planning also started, the Ministry of Tourism was formed and our relations with China were strengthened, so if we remove Ayub Khan's era from the history of Pakistan, we have nothing left, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is undoubtedly Pakistan's There were great leaders but they pushed the economic wheel of Pakistan back to the forties and fifties. The coming governments of Pakistan, unfortunately, ruined this country instead of advancing the process of development.

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If we look at the 44-year period of Pakistan from 1968 to 2012, we do not see any major project after Ayub Khan except Karachi Steel Mill and Motorway. The condition of Karachi Steel Mill today is known to the whole world and If we do not pay attention to the motorway, it too will become GT Road in the next five years. Dams are filled with mud and turbines are burning instead of generating electricity. And people have taken billions of rupees for it. The condition of railways and PIA is in front of the whole world and our educational institutions are doing nothing but printing these degrees. The ability of a young person to have a MA is equal to that of a child in a European primary. Why is this a generation? Why do we move from the heavens to the earth?

The main reason for this is our leadership, we put the most incompetent person in the most sensitive positions and then leave the ship floating in the air at the mercy of Allah, we have to accept Ayub Khan to Pervez in Pakistan. The periods of dictatorship till Musharraf were very good economically, the country developed in those periods, we have to look at these reasons with a cold heart and then we have to make their virtues a part of political culture like our dictator best. They used to form a team of people. The team of President Ayub Khan, General Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf was very good while our political parties lack both competence and talent in comparison to them. Suffering from

It also includes such brilliant ministers who consider corruption as their right. The condition of PML-N is even worse. In 2008 PPP gave them 15 ministries. PML-N did not get 15 ministers from the whole party. They could barely bring seven ministers. In Punjab, the Chief Minister has a dozen ministries, why? Because the PML-N does not have MPAs with ministerial qualifications, their biggest minister is Rana Sanaullah, you are fully aware of their international qualifications, this is Dr Mahathir Mohammad of PML-N.

The same is the situation of other parties, they are also forced to give tickets to such ignorant people who have twenty thirty thousand votes and can fill the remaining gaps by rigging and what do these successful candidates do after victory, these eighteen hours their Appreciate the leadership that is not even familiar with the economy and 90% of its speeches are based on past deeds and lamentations of the blood of dictators, so today the country has reached the level where Egyptian citizen Hillary We want to give you a message that Egypt will never prove to be Pakistan. I am not sorry about this shoe and this message, I am sorry that we are not ready to open our eyes despite eating shoes, we are considering these shoes as an honor for ourselves like donkeys Are

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