Prime Minister of Pakistan and cannabis policy by Ahmed Raza

It is not surprising that the famous Western writer William Shakespeare's "charsi" was rumoured in newspapers and magazines around the world a few years ago. Shakespeare should be aware of the benefits of this fascinating plant, regardless of whether or not Shakespeare's masterpieces were written as "tons" of marijuana-addicted marijuana. There is "good news" for Faraz's nation to grow and sell cannabis under government auspices.

Prime Minister of Pakistan and cannabis policy by Ahmed Raza
Prime Minister of Pakistan Photo From Twitter

Although Raqam is unable to understand what the education portfolio of the Hon'ble Minister for Law and International Relations etc. has to do with science and technology, he could have been given the relevant department to make the best use of his abilities. Because Shibli Faraz Among the countless ministers in the cabinet who are remarkable and visionary in terms of academic and professional matters, if the answer to this million dollar question is found, then perhaps some light can be shed on the reasons behind the poor condition of the departments. The standard of qualification for the Ministries is everything except education and experience. This does not mean that the qualifications and qualifications of the Hon'ble Minister are being questioned with regard to the Department of Science and Technology.

From electronic voting machines to science and technology, he is making every effort to ensure that "less intelligent and less knowledgeable" people learn something and make positive use of technology, even if it means saving electricity in the form of electric fans. Whether it's measures taken with regard to EVM or cannabis policy, but our public priorities are to ban and feed global Jewish and foreign conspiracies like Ticktock and YouTube. Only the right placement of the right people has always been the tragedy of Pakistan.

There is also the question of why, despite being an agricultural country, we spend billions of dollars every year on importing pulses and cooking oil, and why focus on commodities used by the poor instead of a respectable crop like cannabis. Not giving But since our handsome Khan sahib's vision tells us that our development and prosperity depends on adopting cannabis as a crop and of course as always he "knows everything better than the whole nation". The Prime Minister of Pakistan and we all have a duty to close our eyes and accept his words.

As soon as the news reached the people that cannabis would now be considered as an Honorable crop and as a result, Pakistan was on the path of development. There is no point in making a human being a "ship". Perhaps the protest was on the fact that drinking cannabis on the highway of development and flying like a ship would seem very unreasonable to them.

But what about those who have tasted the "ginger taste" of the thinking and intellect of the 17th most influential leader in the world. The nation has no doubt about the sincerity and honesty of Khan Sahib. Razia's Misdaq Khan Sahib and the people around the "system" said and will it always be right that the only "honest and trustworthy" how to save the "government" from so many miscreants and mafias and gave relief to the people and made progress. He should also be included in the race.

The dialogue of Mula Jutt film fits Khan sahib that "Khan no khan na mare te khan nai marda" Of course there is no denying the fact that Khan sahib is more threatened by himself and his political decisions than the opposition. Poor people, their only goal is to make the grass of the elite flourish by donating blood for the decoration of Gulistan.

Man began farming and agriculture between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, and the earliest evidence of cannabis cultivation and use is found at an archaeological site in Japan dating back to 8,000 years ago when it was used for food and other purposes. Even in China 5,000 years ago it was used to make clothes, ropes, shoes and paper, meaning hemp was one of the earliest crops cultivated by humans and benefited from it.

In our country, cannabis is limited to "tons" of cannabis and the majority of mausoleums and villages in villages, cannabis in large containers and drinking slogans, but in fact cannabis is an emerging industry in the world with a multi-billion dollar market. Yes, the steps taken by Khan Sahib in the past for the promotion and development of honey, olives etc. and in the field of farmers and agriculture are worthwhile and now if serious steps are taken with regard to crops like cannabis Can receive a share of dollars.

In this regard, the efforts and efforts of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Shibli Faraz Sahib should be appreciated by taking off the biased spectacle. Early work on cannabis also took place during his time. There are only a handful of people like him in Khan's team who are trying to bring Pakistan in line with the requirements of the modern world.

Cannabis, also known as "hemp" in English, is a wild plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years and is being explored in modern times for the benefit of humans. The most widely used in the world, one is India and the other is Stevie. Grass, my Joanna and Wade are called.

The process of making cannabis from cannabis consists of various stages. After cutting cannabis, it is kept under the open sky. Because it is so dry, it is wrapped in lamb or sheepskin for twenty to twenty-five days to lubricate it, which turns it red. This is the raw cannabis called "kidney". I pass it over a fire to cook what is called cooked marijuana.

But pure marijuana is as difficult to find as pure honey, according to the German ABC rankings. One of the powers belonged to the country so the people need not worry that the purpose of the infidels is only to defame Pakistanis and conspire against them while in many countries of the world it is used legally.

The cannabis plant contains about sixty compounds and four hundred chemicals, two of which are CBD and THC, the most widely used, and the most commonly used. While CBD is used in commercial and commercial use, although all types of this plant contain compounds called THC and CBD, the amount of THC in the crop grown for commercial use is 0.3%. Which is 3% to 25% in common plant and the government of Pakistan has allowed only this CBD crop in which the amount of THC is negligible.

In this regard, initially 100 companies are being issued cannabis cultivation licenses in Pakistan and boundary wall will be required at the cannabis cultivation site while its monitoring will also be arranged through video cameras. The establishment of the authority is also being implemented. If the continuity of the policies is maintained, it is hoped that in the years to come, like the rest of the world, dear country will also have CBD, medicines, clothes, shoes, food items, ropes, plastics and even That will be able to earn a hefty exchange of value added products of building materials etc.

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