Pakistan's real nuclear assets by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

The Sailani Welfare Trust is one of Pakistan's biggest social hopes. It was founded by Maulana Bashir Qadri Sahib in 1999. There are Sailani Dastar Khans and filter plants all over the country. These people provide food for the amount of Rs. They are eating. Filtering plants, loan sharks, polygamous marriages and free medicines are also available. The Prime Minister Dastir Khawan's program is also run by a tourist organisation. They deserve to be imitated but one of their plans is really change.

I think if the state takes over this project, the whole country will change in a few years and this is a project. The "Sailani IT Training" Trust has set up IT centers in Karachi, Hyderabad and Faisalabad. Offer free training in various IT fields, courses lasting six months and a year and a half, after graduation these people also provide students with laptops and office space They return the office to them. I had the opportunity to visit the Faisalabad centre with Maulana Bashir Qadri. I was amazed at the zeal and effort of these people.

Pakistan's real nuclear assets by Rana Tanveer Iqbal
Pakistan's real nuclear assets by Rana Tanveer Iqbal

To date 15,000 students have graduated from the trust and 50,000 are still training. NP and CCSA courses are offered, Sailani has also started studying e-learning so students are now learning modern computer and communication applications from around the world, I was told by Maulana Bashir Qadri. We want to make at least one million young IT professionals and will continue to do so until 2030 and Pakistan will achieve 100 billion in this.

Pakistan suffers from 50 major and minor problems but these 50 problems are the result of three basic problems. If we solve these three problems our fifty problems will be solved automatically and we will be among the most developed countries in today's world in 30 years. There will also be those three problems people, unemployment and unskilled people, we are the fifth largest in the world in terms of low-income people, we have no drinking water and edible wheat but we give birth to newborns and it is true that if the world has more people eating and earning less then the world will not life so we have to control people quickly. 

You may think this claim is absurd but it is possible, their 15,000 students are independent at the moment, thousands of students earn a thousand dollars a month, it becomes lakh 75 thousand rupees and this is a lot. of money for young people between the ages of 18 and 22. Isn't this a change? It is true that feeding the hungry and arranging for the sick is a great beauty, but hiring someone with dignity, teaching him to catch fish, or digging into the pit of the needy as the Messenger of Allah. . Somewhere it is better, elsewhere it is great beauty. Therefore, I regard the IT system as the largest of all Sailani Trust programs. You stand on your feet but our Prime Minister is always impressed by the donations, why? 

We have to control the population by making child law like China or recruiting people with the help of experts like Bangladesh but we have to do it in an emergency otherwise we have to import drinking water after ten years. Second, there are only 10 million people in our country who are completely economically independent, the remaining 21 million people are on board, only 2.9 million people in the country pay taxes and this makes up 1.38% of the total population. It is also ranked 67th in the world in terms of per capital income, and ranked 5th in 7 of the SAARC countries, so unemployment is the second biggest problem in the country after the population.

If you go out at any time of the day, in a downtown area, you will find thousands of unemployed people, all of whom wake up in the morning and spend the whole day without moving their hands. young and old M.Phil also came looking for a job of pinon and constable. Unemployment creates hatred and jealousy in people's hearts as society now has hatred for successful and successful people.

Seth, CEO and Chairman's voice has become an insult, people see it as their right to break other people's car windows, plazas and shops, we have to change this situation anywhere, otherwise this inefficiency will swallow us up and our third disaster. uneducated, tea drinker can't make tea, plumber did not study plumbing, electrician burned people's wires into electrician driver smashed two or three cars into a driver, so the whole country. away. Running towards it.

Now you will ask for a solution. The solution is very simple. The government should select ten religious institutions such as Sailani and seek their help. Not millions but thousands of people connected with Tablighi Jamaat. Yes, leading the way in social media, TLP rubbed the nose on GT Road last month, Jamiat-ur-Rasheed, Jamia Banuri Town and Naeemia Madrassa. The Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jaffariah and the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen are major Shiite sects. Millions of people are also related.

The young people of Pakistan are also very organised and powerful, the Christian community, the Persian, Hindu and Sikh communities are also connected, the government should also contact them and make them institutions in the style of IT systems for tourists and these young people Provide information and digital technology. marketing training for people. You can be sure that it will not take even a few years to change the world. We must understand that the whole world has changed because of Corona.

The business has moved from store to mobile phone and the business now needs codes and app developers and even if the government tries its best, it will not be able to produce IT professionals according to market demand. It needs market players and the market is currently a network of religious institutions. The whole community is shocked. So he is helping them. He directs them as a guest trust. Waiting for a new insult with sticks, God willing, if now the accursed man commits contempt in any part of the world, these millions and even thousands of people will not allow any car or glass to remain safe in the world.

You put these people to work otherwise it will not leave anyone ready to work, now the question is who needs job training and who will train? I believe, there is no source in the world right now other than Maulana Taqi Usmani, Maulana Ilyas Qadri, Maulana Bashir Qadri and Maulana Tariq Jameel. These people are the real assets of Pakistan. Even if the government decides that the government will not allow anyone to stay idle in the country until 2030, even if people produce lice, they will be busy for eight hours a day and each of us will go home tired. Going back, this step is very important.

China also developed in this way, it was the largest country in the world in terms of population, it did not allow anyone to remain idle until 1980, so they are there no one today and third thing please Make training compulsory to blow balloons in the country must require certificates again, we will again if we survive otherwise we will be consumed by this mess, if we escape we will die at the hands of unemployment and if we escape from them our numbers will increase. very People will start eating people, please again, open your eyes, the world's ships are sinking, we are all drowning and in this case nature does not care about us.

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