Pakistani Panama Leaks and the birth of the Sicilian the capital debates 2022

The words of the Sicilian Mafia and Godfather came to prominence in Pakistan when a five-member bench of the Supreme Court delivered its judgement on the Panama Lakes, beginning with a dissenting note from Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, the head of the five-member bench. Balzac's famous phrase in Mario Pozzo's famous novel "Guard Father" in 1969 was that "behind every great wealth lies a crime."

Pakistani Panama Lake and the birth of the Scale Sicilian the capital debates 2022
Pakistani Panama Lake and the birth of the Scale Sicilian the capital debates 2022

The godfather was originally a novel with fictional characters, but most of the characters and the story of the novel, including the character of Godfather Veto Carlioni, resemble real-life mafia bosses and five Mafia families in the United States. The city-wide film Godfather was made in which Marilyn Brando and Appalachian showed the essence of eternal acting.

Are there any similarities between the political families of Pakistan and the Godfather and the Sicilian Mafia? There are many examples of those who were involved in every crime including gambling, supply of alcohol and drugs, patronage of thugs, support of murderers, corruption and extortion but the law was helpless before them, witnesses against them. They were unwilling to testify and law enforcement did not have the evidence to convict them and send them behind bars.

In this case, the law enforcement agencies planned to surround them with tax and illicit assets, so now all they had to do was track down their illicit wealth or property and hold them accountable for that wealth and property. That is, ask them for proof of all this wealth and property, "receipts" of assets and "money trail", etc. In such a case it is the responsibility of the accused to prove a balance between his income, assets and taxed wealth which is corruption. And this is not possible with the income from illicit sources. The same thing happened to both of them and the most powerful mafia leaders in history were imprisoned.

The same thing happened with the political families and other politicians who ruled Pakistan in the past. How were the properties bought? Where did the money come from? How did the money reach other countries? How was the transaction with banks done? Money went through bank or through Hindi? How much tax did the sender pay in the year the money was sent out and what was the amount sent out? It was the responsibility of the accused to prove all this, to clean up, to provide evidence and to prove money trail but it was not America so the results of these cases are before the people. Here we also see the example of Sicilian Mafia.

The country has been ruled by a few families and certain politicians for decades. Today they have facilitators whether it is the mafia of politicians, sugar mafia or car mafia or any government institution. The rulers, the bureaucracy, the journalists, the police, even the people in every government department are citizens of the same country, part of the same society, which shows that as a nation, our society and our nation is in decline.

Our country is ruled by different mafias everywhere but the history and system of real criminal mafia is very old. Caused by scurvy, which caused fatigue, discomfort and bleeding gums, even in its extreme condition, the passengers would die, but the world could not know the cause, even in the seventeenth century. James, a Scottish physician from the Central Royal Navy, did some experiments and recorded his observations.

But his research was not taken seriously until in 1790 the Sick and Heart Commissioners of the Royal Navy made lemon juice mandatory for ship crews, as word of its benefits and effects spread to Europe and the rest of the world. The importance of this crop increased. The specific land and temperature required for this purpose were present on the Italian island of Sicily. In order to protect this crop from thieves and looters, local farmers and landowners have come from southern Syria, Rome, Arabia, France and Spain to protect their crops and their fruits for a certain amount of money. He started seeking the help of professional groups.

And so from the womb of the lemon groves and its trade arose the Cosanostra, the Sicilian mafia, which made crime a regular science. Invested in and established a state parallel to the state headed by Mafia Dawn, the same thing happened in this country Uzair, the only difference is that every powerful person here is Mafia Dawn and he according to his power and status The kingdom is created. We pray to God Almighty to establish a system of justice in our country and to create awareness among the people so that we too can join the race of development like other countries of the world.

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